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Subject: S-books introduction & tutorial
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S-books introduction & tutorial

The S-books which creates a new concept of uploading article to internet and online social networking.

We used to make friends from one to another.
We used to wait the great articles and postings in silent.

But now we just need a S-Books account which make you be known for your uploading article
if only its attractive to people and it makes become the instant online celebrities which one call mass response..
The netizens become blissful because of the S-books which can help you see the world without anything can interrupt
your vision. There are only more and faster news is waiting for you. You can post and share the articles in not only S-Books but also Whatsapp and Wechat.
The S-Books is really focused on privacy whose degree and scope of the articles, personal information and picture will be confined by yourself.

There is no need for the real name registration and phone name associating and you could switch the privacy mode on
browser which can stop the others snooping on your browsing history and personal information.
You can pick up the phone start taking pictures and post them to the internet without any app in S-Books.
The browser is the only thing that your phone should have.

Establishing group/the information of group becoming public knowledge/Making the rules.
You can recruit the most exceptional talent and be famous.
The S-books brings infinite imaginary space and possibility whose contents are indefinite.
Now you could join the New World of S-Books if you want.

S-Books are leaner and easier than facebook.

1) Check the website at http://s-books.com/

2) Create New Account and First login
   Attentions: you have to apply for a E-mail which will be associated
   to the account and it will help you to login at the first time.

This video is provided by youtube.com, you may check HERE.

3) Uploading pictures and photos
This video is provided by youtube.com, you may check HERE.

4) photo edit and resize
This video is provided by youtube.com, you may check HERE.

5) Wall and Home
This video is provided by youtube.com, you may check HERE.

4) Making friends and Sending private message
This video is provided by youtube.com, you may check HERE.

5) Create Page and Group
This video is provided by youtube.com, you may check HERE.

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