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Newbie Reports
Post all Nookie Newbie reports here
865 2647 17-1-2017 22:46
By AzureZ
jake.houston, yazoo, mizunofan, skebe 
Hong Kong - Hotel Walk-in (1)
Reports of Hong Kong hotel reservation girls only
292 1314 18-1-2017 00:14
By FlyingBreadMan
Thai-delight, yazoo, mizunofan, skebe 
Hong Kong - 141 Walk-up
Reports of Hong Kong 141 walk-up girls only
473 1787 17-1-2017 22:06
By johnxyz
TonyToro, Thai-delight, yazoo, mizunofan 
Hong Kong - Sauna
Reports of Hong Kong sauna only
178 1231 Private CunningLinguist, jetsetting2much 
Hong Kong - Free-lancers
Reports of Hong Kong bar-girls, social media free lancers & others
49 994 17-1-2017 16:28
By sam_smith
TonyToro, jake.houston 
Reports of the Macau scene only
88 451 17-1-2017 07:54
By JJJ37
kaka, ggherkin 
Mainland China
Reports of the Mainland China scene only
189 1091 17-1-2017 11:55
By Darksky13
CunningLinguist, kaka, jetsetting2much, Abalonelover 
Rest of the World (1)
Reports of the International scene only
488 1668 18-1-2017 00:02
By hkpunter999
Caligynephiliac, ggherkin, jetsetting2much, yazoo 
Restricted Access Reports
Special reports by Lustful Lord or above only
575 5891 Private Thai-delight 
Mongering Talk
Post all your mongering Q&A, intel and discussions here
Sub Forums: Polls  
9281 84167 17-1-2017 23:32
By skebe
Caligynephiliac, jetsetting2much, ggherkin, jake.houston, yazoo 

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