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Subject: [Thailand, Bangkok] Strawberry Spa (Special club Sequel)
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[Thailand, Bangkok] Strawberry Spa (Special club Sequel)

Date & Time of Session:  April 15th
Location:  Strawberry Spa
Name:  Some thai name I forgot
Link: PM me for line ID
Agent: N/A
Nationality & Language: Chinese-Thai, Little english Mainly Thai
Age: 21
Face: 9/10
Body: 8/10
Skill: 8/10
Service: 8/10
GFE: 10/10
Price & Session Length: 2500 for 1 hour ish +500 baht tip
Repeat: Yes, Want to try other 2 models
So found the place that my friend took me to last time after he gave me their line address. Added them and asked who was available, they sent photos of "Models" for 2500 baht for 1 hour and was in the area so thought why not go for quick release. Hoped into BTS then taxi and got there. I saw lineup of models only (Feeling picky today) and wow. Tall, white, good looking like could be models good looking (guess thats why they are called models ) and best of all big boobs (or maybe good push up bras) saw all 3 models and picked one who smiled at me and did a little twirl (Nice ass)

Went up stairs and same procedure of shower together and little touching and teasing here on little bro and her pussy. She spoke only little english so mainly conversation in thai. We move to bed for action but first she give me back massage for 15 min. Then she ask me to turn around and cuddle me. I laughed and she smiled again. She slowly started putting nuru on herself and me giving me GFE look and smile.

Have never had more GFE experience in my life even from real gf so was enjoying the experience. After nuru with big boobs and butt slide she starts HJ and I ask her for more. She smiles like what and I put my little bro near her lips. She smiles naughtily and starts sucking until I   After that we shower and then cuddle for 20 min before we head down. I give her 500 tip upstairs because BBBJ not allowed but she liked me so she wanted to give me one (I made her laugh a lot with my thai accent and jokes) Asked for line ID but got turned down but she said to come back here and maybe she give me more service next time for 2000 baht. Would check again but now I broke from too much spending. Will have to wait another month before more action.

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