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Subject: [Golden Sauna] - Strangest Day of My Life
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[Golden Sauna] - Strangest Day of My Life

Session: Apr 13
Location:Golden Sauna
Nationality & Language: Girl 1 - vietnamese/mandarin Girl 2 - mainlander/mandarin
Age: 24, 23
Face: 9.5/10, 8/10  
Body: 9.5/10, 9.5/10
Skill: 9.5/10, 9/10
GFE: 10/10, 8/10
Price & Session Length: 1835 HKD (with ferry tickets, choose 1 girl, 2 massages) + 2011 MOP (2nd girl, two thigh massages)

5:30 pm – Entering the Sauna

I arrived at Golden Sauna and was greeted by a man who gave me a wristband and locker. He told me to undress and head to the showers. The baths have two pools, one hot and one cold, and a row of shower stalls. There is also a room with a bed where a lady can scrub you down if you choose. I sat in the hot pool for a few minutes and showered. I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth and heading to a drying area operated by two middle aged Vietnamese women. The sauna has all sorts of toiletries for you to use including toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, mouthwash and more. The ladies dried me down with towels and helped me into a brown blue silk robe while playing with my nipples, butt, and pretty much where ever they can get their hands on. One of them said “Free gift to you” and put lotion on my LB and gave an HJ for a few minutes. She tucked it back in the shorts and led me into the room, where all the sauna sofas are, saying, “There are a lot of beauties in there for you to choose from.”

6:00 pm – Back massage and 1st girl

At this point, the sauna was fairly quiet, only about a quarter of the sofas were taken. I chose a sofa and settled in. Almost immediately, a Vietnamese massage lady (they are dressed in black gold pants and tshirt) and offered me a back massage. Since I got the ferry+sauna packages, I get two complementary massages. They normally cost $138 per 25 minutes. I chose a shoulder/head massage. During the massage, a cute spinner Vietnamese lady (#656) came by, lifted my legs up, rested them on hers and sat down on the sofa leg rest. She asked if I came here before to which I said it was my first time. She gave me the basics of this place and honestly, and the next thing I know, right after the massage, I was in a room with her. She washed me with soap with BBJ in between, and a nuru massage as well. She brought me to the bed, bit more BBJ (deep and long strokes) and started with CG. I cycled through a few positions and finally finished with a BBJ. There were lots of DFK between all this as well. She felt very loving and seemed to genuinely care about providing great service.

7:00 – 12:00 pm – Pigging Out and Showtime

I went back to the sofas and the sauna is starting to get much busier. At around 9:00 pm, there were so many customers, some couldn’t even find a sofa to rest on. There were also a ton more girls too, talking amongst themselves and occasionally glancing towards the customers seeing if they can catch any eyes. Some of the girls were more direct and would walk up to and flirt with a customer. I got two more massages, “thigh/HJ” this time; one in the sofa and the other in the massage room. The massage ladies go real slowly, and are very generous with lotion. They make small talk too and are friendly. I was sitting beside two Japanese guys who were laughing and screaming in broken English to the masseuses (they were also getting thigh massages” and they really elevated the mood of the sauna. After the massages, I went to the dining area and checked the menu. The menu has quite a lot of options. They have snacks (think fishballs, chicken wings, etc.), bread/toast/bun section, noodles section, rice meals, and lots of drinks. I ate about half their menu options before calling heading back to the sofas. I recommend the spicy sardines noodle in soup and the spam and eggs with rice.
At around 11:00, the sauna host turned on really loud electropop music, all the girls (I think around 50) came out topless and prepared for a show. First there was a bingo game where the winner gets a free massage. Between calling out the numbers, the girls would go from one sofa to another. They started with an arm massage first, then leg massage, then rub their tits all over you, and finally they would grind on you for a bit. After the bingo game, you would write down your wristband number on the back of your bingo card, and put it in a box, where if your card gets drawn you get a free session with a girl.

12:00 pm 2nd girl

As the girls file out of the room, the customers started to tell what girl they wanted to the host. After I walked out of the washroom, a mainlander girl (#362) standing by convinced me to take a session with her. Her service was similar to #656 but with ice-fire BBJ. She also peppered in some LFK but she could tell I wasn’t feeling it so she didn’t press on.

1:00 am – Sleep
I decided to finish with one last bite, this time with chicken curry and a pineapple butter bun. I asked the host for a place to sleep and he ushered me down a hall way and into a storage room. The storage room was cramped and narrow with multiple bunk beds lining up the entire room. There were barely enough space to walk. There were three beds per bunk, each equipped with a very thin cot, pillow, and blanket. To be honest, I’d recommend sleeping in the sofas if you don’t mind some secondhand smoke. The chances are that one guy in the storage room/ bed is snoring up a storm as was in my case.

6:00 am -12:00 pm – Sleeping in the sofa and meeting “M.”

M is a girl there that I met whom later I will discuss a playing a transformative part of my life as strange as it sounds. I walked out of the storage room and into the dining area. I had a glass of coke and headed for one of the sofas. As I walked past a group of Vietnamese girls starting groping me and laughing at my reactions. I eventually got through them and into one of the sofas. Just as I was about to fall asleep, M came over with a towel, cuddled and slept with me for a while. I thought that this was strange as I didn’t even ask for her to come. She later told me that she was really tired and this was the only way she could sleep without incurring the wrath of the sauna manager. I don’t really know what came over me, but she looked so tired so I started to massage her head, which was lying on my chest. Eventually, I worked my way down to her ears and neck. When she woke up, she asked me to come home with her, and with some translation from her Vietnamese coworkers, I found out that she wanted to cook a meal for me.

12:00-8:00 pm Hanging out with “M”

We left the sauna together along with her coworkers. I got off the taxi with M near her apartment that she’s sharing with a coworker. I walked with her as she bought some groceries. We came back and cuddled for a little bit as she was still tired from an 11 hour work shift. She cooked the meal with her friend and we chatted and ate together. Apparently the diet of the sauna WG consists of escargot, clams, fish, lettuce, peas, and lots of ice cream. After the meal, we showered and climbed in bed together to cuddle and sleep. We were trading Vietnamese translations in bed as we talked about our lives.

And here’s where things got all wonky for me. I already knew that most WGs aren’t working in the sex industry as their dream jobs. I would think that they’re there mainly because of tough circumstances with an element of self-responsibility also. As I got to know M better, the more I was able to look beyond the sex and the punting scene. At the sauna, the women there, at least for me, were mainly just means to an end: the entertainment of my primal urges. But cooking a meal for me and divulging parts of her life to me, M showed me a side of humanity that I didn’t think was a part of punting. I felt “love” in a place where love shouldn’t exist. After more introspection, I suppose the reason of why I would go out and partake in such risky behavior wasn’t mainly to slake my lust, but more so to fill the loneliness of my soul. I’m probably doing a terrible job of trying to express what I was feeling at the moment, but I hope you get the gist of it. We went on to talk even more and by the end of the evening I felt convicted to never punt again. I don’t know if I developed some feelings for her and I very well know that feeling for a WG is most unwise. At the end, I got her wechat and she told me to never come back to Macau, even if just to hang out with her. According to M, “Macau is not a good place.” I returned to Hong Kong with very mixed feelings and a lot to think about. I hope you enjoyed this read as I think this will be my last post here. I would like to say that for those of you that have read this far, please do not take my thread as anything more than my own personal and very confused ramblings. I do not judge anyone and I hope that you can find happiness if you are still searching for it.

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Scorpius62   1-6-2019 12:44  Karma  +5   That is exactly how I feel too.
hotjac   10-5-2019 13:31  Karma  +4   True, here's two sides to every coin, but a Rubik's Cube has six. There are many reasons women do what they do
Noobienoob   5-5-2019 00:37  Karma  +4   Hope you find true happiness!
LittleWing   25-4-2019 06:34  Karma  +3   
MothToAFlame   25-4-2019 02:44  Karma  +5   Touched by an angel
HKGPeter   24-4-2019 22:59  Acceptance  +1   Thank you very much.
adrenal   22-4-2019 23:36  Karma  +7   thanks
Shinnok   19-4-2019 07:49  Karma  +3   Excellent, thanks!
zennor   17-4-2019 05:50  Karma  +5   Quite a story. Indeed never forget that all these women are real people who deserve our respect and humanity.
lively192   15-4-2019 14:34  Karma  +4   
MinorInfection   15-4-2019 12:11  Karma  +4   The reality of the trade, I guess. Thank you for sharing your story.
jeffzeke   15-4-2019 11:18  Karma  +10   thanks for sharing
batman108   15-4-2019 10:25  Karma  +2   awesome and thanks
viking0812   15-4-2019 09:25  Acceptance  +1   
Skepti10   15-4-2019 08:36  Karma  +6   Sounds like an interesting woman
JackTheBat   15-4-2019 06:39  Karma  +10   What a tale! Thanks for sharing.
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Can you elaborate on what M meant?  I met a thigh masseuse and I can’t get her out of my mind.  Hottest experience in my monger career.  GFE is wonderful.
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ummm so did you you bone her and if you did how much did you pay her?

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