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Subject: D1 - Viet number 883 - great punt
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D1 - Viet number 883 - great punt

Location:  D1
Name:  Mya - number 883
Nationality & Language: Viet - basic English
Age: Young, early 20's
Face:  4/5
Body:  4/5
Skill: 4/5
Service: 5/5
GFE: 2/5
PSE: 5/5
Price & Session Length:  HK 1960 coupon from Shun Tak
Repeat: Y

Last day in Macau and had time to spare, so went to D1 early in the afternoon. Not many to choose from. There was 1 Thai, 2 Chinese and maybe 6 Viets. The Thai girl was really trying to get my attention but she had very thick make-up. 883 caught my eye as the prettiest, with light make up and nice rack.

Her English was basic but good enough. Upon undressing delighted to find that she has natural D cups. She has a tattoo of a chandelier right between her boobs down to her stomach that may be off putting for those who don't like tattoos. On to the bed for the massage, which wasn't a massage really ... but just quick rubbing and caressing of LB.

The bath next, which is also nothing like the regular lengthy Thai bath. Quick scrubbing for cleaning, and then she had me sit (the tub was only quarter filled) and started really deep BBBJ, aalmost deep throating. This went for for a while before she paused, looked up, and asked whether i want to fuck her twice I was enjoying the deep BBBJ so much I asked her to continue for a bit longer.

On to the bed for the main event. This girl is quite wild. Most would put lube and slowly sit on LB until it's fully in before rocking. She just jackhammered herself down. CG, Mish, and as I was getting close I asked her to finish off with hand + BJ.

Great punt, would repeat

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jeffzeke   3-3-2019 03:26  Karma  +8   outstanding
zennor   24-2-2019 06:59  Karma  +5   Great experience. Lucky you.
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Pinkpuffy69   22-2-2019 22:41  Karma  +3   Nice
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Emperor Review

Hi All,

This was only my second experience in Macau.  Having been very impressed by the One at the Landmark next door the previous year, I decided to try out Emperor just across the street from it.

When I first took the elevator to the 3rd floor, I was confused by the immediate line up offered.  It turns out, you can pick a girl and just go for it but I noted that I wanted to use the sauna facilities.  She gave me a coupon and sent me down to the 2nd floor.

For those of you who are familiar with the usual saunas, the same applies.  You head in and get a locker, getting changed in front of a dude.  They offer to help you undress but I politely declined.

I got flagged down by a young Vietnamese girl who offered to help me shower.  Having skipped this previously at the One, I decided to try it out.  It cost about 245 MOP and I left a tip of 100.  Not much to write home about as I was there for the models and not the side entertainment.

I had a dip in the large pool before heading to the lounge.  Another lady offered to help me dry off but I didn't realize a tip was expected.  I dropped another 100 MOP.  The water was warm enough that I didn't feel the need to use the sauna or the steam room.  Once seated, I ordered some tea and asked when the show time would start.  I did not see any actual show time where the girls dance in front of you at your comfy chairs.  Showtime just meant that a line up was happening.  This was one difference compared to the One.  At the One, I was able to get a line up at anytime I requested, whether in a back room or in the main bathing room.  This was one thing that made the One stand out.

Floor staff were probably upset with me as I didn't accept any services.  I was there to cat nap between rounds so I wanted to save the financial ammunition for the main events.  Food here is also not as good as the One if you like pork chop, by the way.  They were also out of boiled dumplings for some reason so I had to settle for the fried stuff.

I sampled two separate ladies on offer and to provide my own spoiler, the cheaper Vietnamese option seemed to win out again, just like at the One.

Name:  998
Nationality & Language: Mainland China: He Nan - Chinese
Age:  Around early to mid 20s
Face:  5/5
Body:  4.5/5
Skill: 4/5
Service: 3/5
GFE: 2/5
PSE: 1/5
Price & Session Length:  MOP 3100 with 300 discount
Repeat: N

I asked about her during my initial faux pas going up to the 3rd floor instead of the 2nd.  I think she kinda knew I was hooked then so she just gave me the "come f&ck me" eyes and I couldn't say no.  The pricing certainly stung but given I only get to make it to Macau at most once a year, I figured, what the hay…

The Y shaped beds in the shower room are borderline dangerous.  Careful you don't slip off, especially with the nuru gel that she was using.  She was good at the usual motions in the shower but it definitely felt a bit robotic.

Main event, to the bed.  She declined DATY, definitely her loss.  No kissing either.  I know I have a very small sample set but the Chinese girls in general seem to want to look good, get paid, but not give out or give in to the genuine sexual flow of the activity.  I think they upsold me on the gel for a bit more than 100 so keep in mind you can decline this and save a bit of mullah.

The BJs were nice but not exactly impressive.  The sex was a mix between missionary and doggy.  I think I put in a good show but she didn't seem to care much and there was obviously no chemistry coming from her end.  She did moan oh baby in Chinese a few times, but hard to tell how genuine she was.  She asked if I went to the gym as I seem to be a lot more buff than the other Asian guys who show up, so at least she can appreciate the work people put into maintaining a certain figure.

At the end of the day, I can see why she gets chosen and why her charge rate is so high compared to the other girls.  She's got a beautiful face and an amazing figure, especially since she doesn't have time to work out.  She is tall and elegant, yet her hips are wide enough to look like child bearing won't kill her, yet the waist is super slim and her breasts are a nice above average size (felt natural).  But at the end of the day, it's just a job to her, not also a bit of fun and it shows.  3/5 at best.

Moving on, I had some food (porkchop and dumplings), more tea and a short nap on the couch.  I woke up to three mainland Chinese guys smoking in the lounge despite all the signs saying no smoking.  I was born on the mainland and this is probably one of the things that pisses me off most about my ethnic brethren.  To them, flaunting the rules is like a sign of your success and doing so is required while not thinking of the well being of the people around you.  With that, I couldn't wait for the next line up as I was totally ready for round 2.

So I was asking one of the floor managers specifically for a Vietnamese girl, telling him that I'd heard they provide good service.  He laughed and asked if I had been talking to a regular who said the same thing.  998 was in the line up again and we exchanged smiles.  The manager pointed out the Vietnamese girls to me as they mostly had green badges.  They are the cheapest for some reason and I have no idea why.  To me, they look just as hot as the other girls.  The only thing I can think of is potentially the fact that the predominantly Chinese clientele think it's beneath them to select a girl form Vietnam?  They seem to be willing to pay more for Mainland, Russian and Korean girls.

Anyhow, 389 caught my eye and kept staring at me.  We had a fun moment where the line up was moving but she kept staring at me.  The girl in front yelled out and came to grab her to keep moving.  Because of that cute moment, I decided she was the one to end the night.  I was told that as it was my second girl, I was going to get a discount of around 1000 MOP.  I was then upsold on the nuru gel and was like, yeah, whatever, throw it in (actually a good call with the benefit of hindsight).

Name:  Emy, 389
Nationality & Language: Vietnamese - Average Chinese, not much English
Age: 22 or 23 (born in 1996)
Face:  4/5
Body:  4/5 (implants)
Skill: 4/5
Service: 5/5
GFE: 5/5
PSE: 3/5
Price & Session Length:  MOP 1600 with 1000 or so discount, second round was around MOP 1600
Repeat: YYY

In the room, I joked with Emy about her long pause and not moving with the line.  She was a bit embarrassed but I could tell she was a total cutie.  The room we had was slightly different as it had one of those air mattresses and I think it was the closest thing to a nuru massage I've had.  But she was really into it.  At first, I thought she was just putting on an act, but when she started to rub her crotch against the back of my legs for her own arousal, I think that's when I knew it was on for good.

When we moved to the bed, she gave good deep throat BJ.  We were nearly in a 69 position when I pounced.  She initially didn't wan't DATY, but I gave her a little taster and she was hooked.  She was really enjoying it when she allowed me to just go for it and I think I totally turned her on given her reactions.  We did it in missionary with lots of DFK.  She lay in my arms after and when she asked if we should shower before the time was up, I asked to extend the time.  She picked up the phone and the quote for more time was a bit less than 1600 MOP.  I said yes immediately.  That's when it all started to get even more intense.  The amount of oral and straight up f&cking we got into made me come twice more and I'm not sure how much more she had.  I'm pretty sure I was ready for bed after that and she said more than once that she was in love with me (I don't care if you think she was acting, I was there and I am telling you it was intense so it was probably true in that very brief moment in time).  I got her WeChat ID and she added me soon after.  Not much point given I won't be back for some time but nice to know someone wants to keep in touch.

We walked out, arms around each other's wastes and I showered slowly in the back shower room, while perving at the final line up I would see that night.  All up, this cost me just under 6800 patacas (I think there's always some sort of 5% tax added on at the end).  Another expensive round but I definitely hit baller status with the staff who kept asking me when I'd come back and if I'd like to join their VIP club.

I'm not getting younger and for a young 20 something to be as raw as she was (389), it certainly made me feel like I was in my 20s again.  She kept saying how she thought I was handsome and that she was in love.  Probably an act but ego stroking is fun for anyone to receive.

So, the Emperor definitely has a good selection of girls at different price ranges (no Russians that night unlike at the One but if you're in Asia, why are you looking for that anyways?).  The quality is quite similar to the One, but the small things make me prefer the One.  The clientele is not as annoying, the free food is slightly better, and the big thing is the fact that the One provided a line up whenever I felt like I needed one.  I think the Emperor is ever so slightly cheaper but I'd still spend the extra to go to the One.

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xiaodidi   12-3-2019 02:38  Karma  +5   agree, model PRC = barebones service


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