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Subject: Macau Spa detail ratings - More inf than just "my Favorite"
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Macau Spa detail ratings - More inf than just "my Favorite"

Whats up playa's!  I'm a semi-noob been to Macau maybe 6 times in 4 years... and been to 18 Sauna and East Spa...

I see alot of posts about which is the best SPA however not many give like SPA Specifics on why they think its the best.. the posts just kind of talk about their favorite.. When i'm reading and trying to decide whether to go to Famila Nobre or that new one (forgot the name now) ... In the post doesn't describe the place to well or the information I want..

Here are some highlights of 18 Sauna

1. Its Huge

2. Alot of selection of girls - each time I went is about 60-70 girls ... They all come out some secret doorway at the Spa sound and walk around the entire Spa / steam room area and stand against the wall.   Different races in different uniforms or dresses.. and the last group that comes out are the Russians.  I"m into Russians so if you guys know a place that has more than 18 sauna... LET ME KNOW!  @18 there's maybe 5-6 at a time...maybe 10 max.

3. Very large lounge area to sit and relax where you get massages.. has to be 50-60 lounge chairs

4. food is so so - not so great but i'm not here for the Michelin star experience.  There is a little "restaurant" at the end of the venue... sometimes they have a buffet out.  Most time you can go sit down and order from a small menu.  

5. The fluffers aren't that annoying, but the masseuses people can be  Keep asking for massages aggressively.  Not only that... they are mostly Vietnamese...I AM Vietnamese but I never tell them... They are constantly trying to figure out what you are and I can totally understand every little thing they are saying...  Sometimes rude sometimes just small talk, but yes very aggressive and annoying at first... after you turn them down for some time...they remember you and stop bugging you
(We call the girls in the SPA room fluffers, like in porn, fluffers are the girls that give the male actors a BJ before they perform... LOL... they are just a prelude to the main attraction)

6. The boning room is cool... there is a small bed and a shower.  In the shower is a bed as well on the floor..  They clean you for about 20 minutes...rub down... then take you to the bed... small talk.. blow you and bone away.  It's cool about 1 hr full experience...maybe more if you chit chat longer... which I do.. I often get their wechat #'s ... and keep in touch.. so that next time I come I can just request them or get them waiting for me... =)

Anyways this is kind of information I'm looking for and I think would be helpful to others.  Is there a place bigger than 18 sauna?  Any place with like 100's of girls?  I'm into QUANTITY not QUALITY... because QUALITY is subjective... if you have QUANTITY, there's more chance that you get the QUALITY that you like!  Hope this makes sense!

Thanks all

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