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Subject: Ice and fire experiance
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Post at 16-4-2018 19:55  Profile P.M. 
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Ice and fire experiance

Name: ice
Nationality: PRC, spoke some broken canto
Age: mid 30s
Face: 3/5 face looked like pictures but maybe 10 year older.
Body: 3/5 definitely not pictures, but OK.
GFE: 2/5
Skill: 2/5
Damage: 300
Repeat: probably not

Was looking around a competing site for some special bj action and walked around MK. Finally found one that was free and offered ice and fire, according to the site.

Rang the bell, face looked like picture so I asked how much for just ice and fire bj. Took awhile for her to get what I meant. Settled on 300.

Shower and on to bed. She prepared some water and began getting lb ready.
The water she used was warm and lukewarm so didn't really feel much.
Free access to a nice handful of soft breasts and ls. Took quite some time and it wasn't really working.
In the end just finished with hj.


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Recent Ratings
agamemnon33   21-4-2018 08:42  Karma  +2   photoshop does wonders
David.youngson   19-4-2018 15:55  Karma  +2   Her body looks cute on pics!
quietguy99   17-4-2018 02:59  Karma  +1   She looks very cute and slim in the photos. Photoshop FTW
batman108   17-4-2018 02:52  Karma  +3   something about her face...anyway...awesome and thanks

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