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Subject: TR Yumiko - Raid scare experience
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Post at 13-4-2018 17:10  Profile P.M. 
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TR Yumiko - Raid scare experience

Time & Date: Wed 11 Apr 2018, 7
Location: Hung Hom
Link: http://go141.com/en/A66502-TST-HoneyGirls-TRYumiko.html?
Language: English
Face: 3.5/5
Body: 4T/5  Tall, Thin, Tan, Tits - huge tits
Age: mid 20’s
Service: 4/5
GFE: 4/5 (+2pts for after session)
PSE: 1/5
Price & Session Length: $800 for 90 minutes maybe
WIP: Maybe.

TLDR : Great girl, Great service, GFE, False Raid alert resulted in blue balls

I’ve been wanting to try HG for a while, but seems this require a bit of planning. I tried few times to book on late afternoon with 1-2 hours notice and seems they already fully booked by the time.
So i’ve been visiting walk-ups for quick relieve.  One early morning, I made the commitment to book Yumiko at 7 and agent said available, great.

The hotel was quite upmarket with a view, way above the typical walk-ups that i’m used to. There’s no other bros wandering in tight corridor, No eyesores LED lights, No sign on the door, just an ordinary, nice and quiet upmarket hotel.   When I arrived, the agent sent further info via text, “Wow, totally spy movie like experience” I thought.
She opened the door, and letting me in with a smile. She ask me “Lets take a bath” and I thought she wanted to go first. So I let her, then she dragged me naughtily and said “Together” =D
Inside the bathroom there is actually a bath and we actually took a slow hot bath together.  Lots of touching, rubbing, washing and BBBJ to follow.  Made few small conversation and crack few jokes and she punched me for disrupting her routine.

Afterwards she asked me to lie with face down and I ask “What for?”
I’m going to give you a back rub.
She asked if the other girl ever do it for me?
And I said “No they normally don’t

She started with back rub, followed by massage and slide her body on top of mine. Flip and followed by BBBJ, lots of eye contact, and lots of compliment about LB (talking about skillful ego massage as well) . She asked which position I prefer, and I said mish please, I can’t wait to bang you. Started with kissing and playing with her big boobs, man made, but still nicely done, down to the belly and what a tiny waist she has, I can go on forever on her amazing body and of course DATY.  She seems to be sensitive to kiss and tongue on her body, she let few moans here and there. Not sure fake or not, but sure is getting louder especially when I start pounding. She seems to be enjoying this as well, while giving me direction and adjustment on few positions.

I was enjoying the build up when her phone suddenly rang.  
She excused herself to the toilet, “Whaaaat….”  
I looked at the clock, almost an hour. Times up i guess.
Then her other phone rang, her personal phone that was hidden in the drawer, she’s back to the room, taking the other call, she talked in the other person in thai.
She looked panic, she checked on the door while she engaged in serious conversation.
She gave me hand signal to keep quiet, then she went to the bathroom again.
“Uh oh i thought to myself”  few scenarios crosses my mind, Raid? Mafia war, or even scam ?
She came out fully clothed, looked distressed and told me, “Police”
I started to get dressed while she started packing her things.  
Having checked the legality of this, I actually feel relieved, better than the other two scenarios that I imagine.
I tried to give her privacy while she empty the safe and pack the content into small hand bags. She then sat on the edge of the bed nervously.

I asked “Are you ok?”
She tried hard to smile, can easily tell that  she is not.
“Now what?” i asked.
“Please wait” she asked.
I hold her hand that turned into a hug. I reassured her thats this is all ok, all legal. Nothing to be afraid of. as long as she doesn't overstay her visa or underage (to which i’ll be in trouble).
I even googled all this info for her.
Turned on some music using spotify to ease the tension, and we chat and cuddle up in bed.   (talking about the GF experience with blue balls ).
After a while the thai agent called, then HK agent called, asking if the customer still with her, toward she said yes. So its seems either false alarm or the raid passes through us.   I asked if I should go? While trying to pay her, she took my hand again without answering my question.

She then took her cigarette and we smoke while continue chatting. She normally finished at 1, but not much going on around the hotel, I asked if she’s been to TST, MK or LKF, that's still alive after 1:00 She told me not yet, she prefers to sleep early as she need to start again at 10, and she needed 8 hours beauty sleep.
(Wow, talking about professional commitment to work)
“You know this one, on the other hand is actually illegal” I mentioned
“What?” She asked.
“Smoking indoor ” she laughed

I also mentioned that the Police was probably called by the neighbour because she was screaming so loud during sex. She rewarded me with another punch and laugh.

She asked for my number while I said goodbye. Normally I try not to get too attached to WG, however since LB was still full, it had other thoughts.
I slipped the money into her bag, and she reply with thank you and big hug.
There was no one outside and hotel lobby looks pretty normal to me.

What a day, for first HG experience.  So far definitely better value for money than walk-ups with better quality girls, better services and longer time.
Thanks for reading folks, she's here for another week

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jchow88888   9-5-2018 12:18  Acceptance  +4   What was her mobile #
aurufc   30-4-2018 14:17  Karma  +10   Great war story of 1st HG!! Kudos for being a gent
breseis   30-4-2018 10:31  Acceptance  +2   Kudos for not ditching the damsel in distress dude...
Jack_Sparrow   29-4-2018 15:06  Karma  +5   you did well
Sherno   24-4-2018 18:05  Acceptance  +2   Excellent
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hotjac   15-4-2018 15:22  Karma  +2   spooky
koroquet   15-4-2018 09:31  Karma  +3   A cavalier. Bravo.
NeverWong   15-4-2018 05:46  Karma  +3   
blast77   14-4-2018 13:18  Karma  +7   Comment below was meant to be here
batman108   14-4-2018 12:46  Karma  +3   Awesome and thanks
Johnnyr555   14-4-2018 11:11  Karma  +4   Something to tell the grandchildren. If they're boys
relcom888   14-4-2018 03:12  Karma  +3   
Dilmah   14-4-2018 00:58  Karma  +5   Something for your blues
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UncleDad   13-4-2018 19:41  Karma  +4   For being a gentleman
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Post at 14-4-2018 00:09  Profile P.M. 
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$800/90 minutes? Really?
Not 45?

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aurufc   30-4-2018 14:18  Acceptance  +2   In future, can you put questions like that in your Rating. Thx
blast77   14-4-2018 12:57  Karma  +7   Technically HGs aren't legal
flkey   14-4-2018 09:36  Acceptance  +1   I think it is only a special incident. Normally 45min!
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wow what a night!
So your visit was quite late?

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aurufc   30-4-2018 14:22  Acceptance  -2   Long time member should know to put 1 liners in the Rating section
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No idea about the raid, but I just wanted to say that you acted well and that if more punters were like you WGs wouldn't become jaded and cynical.

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aurufc   30-4-2018 14:23  Karma  +10   Very true though you seem to be answering a question to yourself lol

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