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Subject: ShenZhen - SEX alleys ; Towards West New Village 向西村
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ShenZhen - SEX alleys ; Towards West New Village 向西村

been a while and no reports of sex alleys ???

with ShenZhen new metro lines opened up , thought its about time to talk a breeze through the alleys for talents
its much easier to get to alleys now , and also with the metro to the Huang Guang border crossing too

start with Towards West New Village 向西new村 ; it strikes an interest i venture for more reports, yes I'm sacrificing myself to young girls for the community

went late May, on a weekday , not sure if that affected the number of WG.
there are many skimpy young girls in short short skirt/short, though not sure if they are civvies....   

in the actual alleys , only managed to find one mama-san, but her girlie was hot , spinner bod with nice C rack
with yes please eyes , and a nod to of the girl (on the street, rather than going up to choose) , quietly mention the price $150 , and off I follow

Date & Time of Session:  weekday end May
Location:  Towards West New Village 向西new村
Name:  no idea
Nationality & Language: mando
Age: 24 ish ???
Face:  7
Body:  8
Skill: 2
Service: 2 , CBJ , missionary
GFE: 0
PSE: 2
Price & Session Length:  150 / 15 mins
Repeat: no , look for another alley

its very basic alley servicing , no shower , hygiene of the place also bare minimal , no aircon , I got semi hard before I got covered for CBJ ( too forceful )  for about 2 minutes then told to climb on for missionary ...

LS look nice but with the bitch attitude ( no lfk , no fake smile , pay first , nevermind a moan ) , her one redeeming feature was her rack , nice full soft C

it was a hot day , so 5 minutes on top and i'm sweating a bucket.... not manage to get pass semi-hard , , probably what made it worst was she stared yawning ....

and looking over to her phone , a clock watcher , 15minutes up

in the end told her to jerk me off , seems an apt choice of wording ....

at the end of the day is $150 that I couldnt care less , more of a recon trip that did the thrill of seeing a nice young spinner naked.

whats more interesting was the fact that after the did, walk to downstairs the WG immediate went off with another punter back up ... 15minutes chuck-a-block ... i guess explains the bitch attitude...

the mama-san didnt care for feedback, nor was she okay to share any info ( contact / for repeat business )   just said , can find her in/ near the funky shoe shop ...
the hush-hush attitude and nervous looking around .... is this why alley reports been out of existence ???

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GimmeASpa   23-6-2017 14:56  Acceptance  +1   What time did you go? Got any contacts to share?
incubus   20-6-2017 00:57  Acceptance  +3   Thanks for the details
daytimefun   20-6-2017 00:16  Karma  +3   Good intel
quartz13579   18-6-2017 14:02  Karma  +3   
matado   18-6-2017 03:59  Karma  +3   thanks
miko14   16-6-2017 17:46  Acceptance  +2   Went there a while back. Was like a ghost town i miss those days
pushkin13   15-6-2017 15:48  Acceptance  +3   Thanks for the field report. The front line trenches: always interesting action! :) :)
batman108   14-6-2017 23:13  Karma  +3   awesome and thanks
LeoCan   14-6-2017 23:11  Karma  +5   reconnaissance
blast77   14-6-2017 00:42  Karma  +5   Thanks for the field report
stinkyfeet   13-6-2017 23:32  Karma  +8   Brings back memories..mosquitoes....
theworm   13-6-2017 22:39  Karma  +5   Excellent
obe   13-6-2017 19:48  Karma  +10   Great report
UncleDad   13-6-2017 19:37  Karma  +4   Thanks for TOFTT. Good intel!
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Price 150 US Dollars? or HKD ?

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stinkyfeet   16-6-2017 23:22  Acceptance  +1   CNY
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Am I blind or I can't find that metro station, New West Village

[Edit] nevermind I'm blind. Bottom right it is

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Hmm... May 2017? What time were you there?
Cause im up in those alleys all the time at night after the clubs and never heard of 150rmb anymore. The current price is 200rmb for me.
I haven't did any new reports on this alley because its the same like always. Nothing special about it.
But i saw that they only charged you 150rmb, then i rather go there at the hours you go.
I usually walk around that alley from 2am - 4am. Its pretty cracking at those hours. Well not as busy as before. But theres a good 10 to 15 chicks there.
With all the crack down in SaWan and LH KTV, a lot of girls have no choice but to work in those alleys. I haven't had time to go there during any other hours. But please let me know what time you went so i can see if i can pick up some hottie for 150.
Thank you
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Post at 23-6-2017 18:58  Profile P.M. 
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Reply #4 rwong's post

6pm ? 7pm ?

as you can see its still some natural light , when i took the pics after the deed , at dusk , just before dinner

I'm asian looking , not sure if that makes difference ( my mando is shite though , )

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stinkyfeet   23-6-2017 20:55  Karma  +4   

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