Subject: Twidy - HK Exotic (Hotel Walk-in)
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Twidy - HK Exotic (Hotel Walk-in)

Date & Time of Session: 6 July afternoon
Location:  Wanchai
Name:  Twidy
Agent: HK Exotic
Nationality & Language: Russian
Age: 18
Face:  9/10 (pretty and young looking), minus points for some minor acne
Body: 8.5/10 (nice big tits and curves)
Height: 170cm 
Service: 8.5/10
GFE: 8/10
Price & Session Length: 1400 for 45 mins 
Repeat: Maybe

First report, so please be gentle.

I had my eye on Twidy from the TG group as she looked quite stunning - had to check her out.  She seems to disappear from HK Exotic's resort for some days, but then reappears - so when she appeared on Sunday i immediately made a booking.

Nice hotel in Wanchai, tidy-room.

Photos are clearly airbrushed, but she’s 90% similar and still attractive. Very young face and pretty eyes. Like most Russians a little bit business like and wanted to get straight to business. Am sure she’d be pretty if she smiled, but it was pretty hard work - wasn’t into small talk.  A few minor tattoos, but no work done.

Washed up and came back in room with a nice sight of her fat ass up in the air in some sexy lingerie playing on her phone.

But as said, straight to business, lfk, then decent bj, quickly invited me into missionary. Surprisingly felt quite tight on entry - body was soft and smooth to touch. After a while she started making soft moans of pleasure, which I much prefer to loud fake noises - nice surprise as was expecting dead fish given her business like demeanour.  Switched to doggy after I wanted a change in view, but didn’t feel like I could last long with her ass jiggling in front of me so asked her to climb on top.  Couldn't last long seeing her pretty face and full tits bounce in the air.  Exploded in her, she smiled, dismounted and went to wash up.

Would def recommend if you like young white girls that have a bit of meat on them.

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Kride   15-7-2024 00:13  Acceptance  +1   Great report.
clampbottom   11-7-2024 20:39  Karma  +4   I tried her too, acne was quite bothersome for me. Cold attitude
Qwerty55   11-7-2024 15:36  Acceptance  +1   Excellent
sarsip   11-7-2024 09:45  Acceptance  +2   
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