Subject: King Hing - thief finally caught after 3rd attempt
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King Hing - thief finally caught after 3rd attempt


Anyone hear about the dine and dasher from KH 2 nights ago?

Got a Wechat message from one of the walkup girls that I knew for a long time, she said there was a guy from Guangdong that was caught after the 3rd time,
he successfully got away twice after doing the deed with one of the girls , don't think it was the same person 3 times in a row..
he went back to KH again for the 3rd time trying to pull the same BS but was caught by some guys.
Not sure how exactly it went down, asked the girl on my Wechat what happened exactly, but she said she only knew a few details.
I saw 2 videos, one of which ended up on the local news (the one where he is out on the street with blue socks and a white towel)
First video shows the guy naked holding his passport or some other identification paper. One of the photos is taken out in the dirty staircase area with
writing on his chest, "went to girl, didn't pay" - my Cantonese is not fluent, maybe the closest English translation I can muster.

Transcript from the 1st video - inside the room:

Thief: I am (unintelligible, think he mentions his full name), here in King Hing building. Came into a room looking for girls 3 times, didn't give any money. I owe $3000, right now,
I put my clothes here (on the bed), it's worth $300. I still owe the girl $2700.

Cameraman: When are you going to give it?

Thief: (raises his hand and plays stupid), (starts to stutter) today.

Cameraman: what type of payment?

Thief: cash

Cameraman: where are you going to get it?

Thief: I will ask my family, mama, baba, friend to lend it to me, whatever it takes


Transcript from the 2nd video - Mong Kok street video:

Man in background: WALK!
Cameraman: Fuck your mother's stinky cunt, don't you understand? (kicks the man on the road)
Go out there where there are the most people.

Thief: (points towards the main road with all the traffic)

Cameraman: if I see you within one min. I will beat you to death! Fuck your mother's cunt, go!

Thief: (starts to run down the road)

Cameraman: Cross the road! (when the thief is at the red light)
Cross the road! Go!

(thief runs to the other end of the crossing)


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jayme   22-11-2023 18:59  Acceptance  +1   He got off with a name and shame?
gwailoplayer   22-11-2023 15:26  Acceptance  +5   tks for this. Check wallet $ amount B4 entering room
jackgoro   22-11-2023 13:28  Acceptance  +5   nice summary!... well doubt he be bk in hk for a while lol
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slickric423   22-11-2023 01:10  Acceptance  +5   wow i wouldve completely lost interest in punting and went to watch this if i was there haha
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