Subject: MClub @Waldo
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MClub @Waldo

Ok, so I haven't been back in over 3 years and wasn't quite sure what the scene is like right now.  I looked up my old contact at East Castle. Got car service arranged and  before I boarded, I was told to check out the new M Club which apparently is part of the same group as ECS.  I believe M club was launched back in 2022 but I never had a chance to go.  It's on the 6th floor of the Waldo. The entrance to M club is bright lights and a mirrored walk way that kind of makes you dizzy as enter. I guess it's the perfect vibe for the establishment. The interior is pretty much the same setup as ECS but on a smaller scale. It's smaller in the main area but has lmultiple smaller cubicles and massage rooms on the split level next to the lounge. As you head into the shower area , you are asked if you want help in the shower by one of the massage girls. I wasn't sure if it was a standard service or add-on but I declined.  The lounge is smallish and faces a a multiple TV screens that are streaming mtv type clips by JAV stars, really good quality production IMO.  The lineup is done in that same space, right in front of the screens. That night's lineup had about 15-20 girls, break down was this:

3-4 Korea (most pricey,6K+,fully enhanced curves,lips, faces, typical fuck doll looks)
2 Japan (I think similar to Korea, average looking, petite, dressed in kimonos)
8 China (5K+,widest variety of looks)
3 Vietnam (4K+)
2 central asia/east europe (4K+)  

Overall I'd say the selection averaged out at about 7. some hot and cute, others not quite my type). Prices have gone up quite a bit. Inflation I guess but this hobby is getting really expensive.

I was thinking Korea at first but didn't really want to pay that price, ended up choosing a cute girl from China.  She came over with a tablet showing me the various theme rooms which was largely similar to ECS but had a few differences like an onsen room and a pool table room. I ended up picking my usual maid service theme but am inclined to try the onsen room next time around. The girl changed into her outfit and led me to a back stairwell which led up to the theme room floor.   Room is setup different from ECS and not quite the same vibe.   

My girl started with her theme play using a feather duster but very quickly transitioned to the foreplay service. I didn't really care but was amused that she didn't really carryout more than a fraction of the theme.  Service was good and included the fire and ice BJ.  I just laid back and enjoyed my return to the scene. She had a nice tight body and had the was a good all around. I finished up fairly quickly and she helped shower me and we headed back down.

Date: Oct 2023
Nameid not ask
Nationality & Language: China, mandarin and cantonese
Age: Around 22 - 25
Face:  9/10
Body:  8 /10
Height: ~160cm
Skill: 7/10
Service:  7/10 (actual service was great but wasn't really much of the theme play)
GFE: 7/10
Price & Session Length:  HK5500, 60 minutes 1 shot session, plus 3 massage services included

When downstairs I elected to have a leg massage in one of the private lounge rooms. She quickly got to work teasing me and asked if I wanted to take it further but I declined having just blown a load. I showered and paid up. I 'm glad things are pretty much as I remember but need to be mindful of the steeper pricing.

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nice review, thanks for sharing !

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