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11-6-2024 11:18
Fastest way to gain reading access?

I’m trying to figure out ways to gain reading access quicker. I try to post more and be more active in the community but i dont think i could see myself getting even to RA 20 at the rate i’m going at. Just wanted to ask fellow members, what was the best way for you all to gain higher levels of reading access? Is it really just staying true to the grind? Is there something i should be doing that i’m not aware of? I saw something about a rewards system. Does that work still and if so how do i claim rewards? Just curious as i am okay with grinding and being more active, but it would be nice to even get a boost in credits

teltel 11-6-2024 18:34 Acceptance +1 Get more karma by posting reports. Follow the template and write a reasonable review (read some reports by others to get ...
sexyloser 12-6-2024 03:57 Acceptance +1 Dude, you haven't even tried. It takes 1 good report or 3-4 decent reports to get to RA20. Many finished in 1 day.
rbbinger 12-6-2024 04:05 Acceptance +1
wingardium 13-6-2024 15:30 Acceptance +1 I'd say reviews from specific new girls, new spas are what interests people a lot who will give karma/acceptance

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