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21-11-2023 10:33

Sadly GG, it's just marketing. There was a website (hosted in England I think) that had the whole list of what they were supposed to do for real DG, but I found this one that's similar but not exact.

https://perb.cc/xenforo/threads/ ... ld-research.156863/

It was really just 90 minutes of being treated like you were a king. Rubbed anywhere, massaged by all her various parts to enjoy the different sensations, probed and sucked. I've never felt so completely relaxed and drained in my life than after a DG session. The fucking was almost an afterthought.

I'm sure other bros are better able to describe it. Because I don't speak Chinese I'm sure I missed out on some good parts.

gg1234 21-11-2023 15:44 Acceptance +4

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