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21-11-2023 07:49
Answering My Own Question

I went over to the International Sex Guide forum, and found a summary of what happened on February 9, 2014 by Ikksman.  I'm going to copy the contents of his post here, because it's very informative.

Today (9th February) is the 4th anniversary of the infamous prostitution crackdown in Donnguan when more than 6,500 police officers (from out of town) raided hotels, spa, massage parlours, BBSs and basically ended Dongguan's days as the sex capital of China.

By mid April, fallout* from the Dongguan crackdown included:

• 2,925 hotels, sauna and massage centres closed.

• 200,000 sex workers out of work.

• 600,000 other workers associated with the sex industry out of work or suffering serious loss of income (club staff, hairdressers, manicurists, taxi drivers etc etc).

• 50 billion yuan*of the local*economy lost.

• Liang Yaohui deputy in the National People Congress (and owner of Crown Prince Hotel) arrested.

• 9 police officers in criminal detention, 13 facing disciplinary action, 14 under investigation.

• Dongguan Deputy Mayor and Head of the local PSB, Yan Xiaokang, sacked.

• Dongguan mayor claiming he "didn't know the problem was so bad".

• 865 arrests.

• 541 pimps smacked.

• 62 criminal rings busted.

• 854 pornographic websites closed.

Doing a search for "dongguan" on this forum also yields a lot of good historical info.

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