Subject: Alexa from Dollhouse - Good Experience
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Alexa from Dollhouse - Good Experience

Location: Kowloon Hotel
Nationality & Language: Russian
Face: 4/5
Body: 4.5/5
Skill: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Price & Session Length: 1600 1 shot 40 mins

First time trying a hotel girl since covid cut off the demand, usually avoid them due to uncertainty but ive been following a few telegram groups lately and decided i wanted to test out dollhouse

Easy booking and good communication with the agent, i was a bit worried though as i saw a bad review of Nikki

Asked for extra photos and vids of alexa and decided to take the leap

Anyway, the decision was well worth it as alexa had a great attitude and a very nice body, much better than anything youll find at the walkups these days

Shower alone, making out, bbbj (quite skillful and a bit PSE), cat bath, cowgirl, doggy, finish in mish, procedure was standard but there was no rushing, more gfe than usual overall as she enjoyed kissing

From this one experience, I think dolllhouse is reliable, but again there will always be a slight difference from the posted photos

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Hi! It’s Olive from Dollhouse agency. I remember that you was very worried about Niki’s bad feedback and doubted whether to choose us or not.  Thanks for sharing your experience and trusting us. We really appreciate it. Welcome back
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Thanks for sharing. Can I have the TG contact?

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