Subject: Candy is back in HK!
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Post at 6-9-2023 18:02  Profile P.M. 
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Candy is back in HK!

Name: Candy (now on MR)
Language: English
Body: 5/5
Face 5/5
Skill: 5/5
GFE: 5/5
WIR: Yes
Price: $3000

Candy is back in HK after being away for a while. Most of you should have seen her on 141 previously. She looks the same, if not better than before.

She is now operating from a new location, the room is nicer and has a great view. Seems she is taking on less clients so be patient and polite when contacting her.

I chose the $3k FS package, which is usually a bit expensive for me, but I wanted to get 2 shots and a massage.

Catbath, BBBJ, CG, mish, finish, followed by massage, rest, and then round 2. Was very good and surprisingly a lot of GFE.

Showered alone, paid, got a water bottle, and left.

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lorenzo37   5-11-2023 20:42  Acceptance  +2   
Moonbat   31-10-2023 00:25  Acceptance  +1   Excellent
Nomadd63   4-10-2023 11:27  Acceptance  +1   Don’t know who she is, but sounds like a good time) chicks you share her contact info, thanks!
pguru   4-10-2023 00:40  Acceptance  +1   thanks for the review, 3k for 1hr? does she allow more than 1q per hour?
David.youngson   3-10-2023 23:04  Karma  +4   Who's Candy?)
bottle   21-9-2023 00:06  Acceptance  +1   
magictime12   18-9-2023 13:12  Karma  +2   
like2bonk   14-9-2023 11:52  Karma  +3   yeah she is back but 3k is quite ridiculous despite good service.
Dragon2888   12-9-2023 15:03  Acceptance  +1   can you share number? thanks
Makenshin   8-9-2023 16:01  Acceptance  +4   Based on the pics it is her. Although yes she is charging 3 times the amount I paid when she was nested in Wan Chai. Mix ...
boscitc   7-9-2023 16:31  Karma  +4   Ramont, from the price, it can't be! Unless she's more than tripled what I paid her lol
ramont   7-9-2023 01:17  Karma  +1   Is this the Thai girl that also managed some girls and can be quite difficult to deal with?
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Sounds like a great time, hope to meet her!

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Damn all 5/5 you mustve had a great time with her

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