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Subject: [WANCHAI] Moon Spa
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[WANCHAI] Moon Spa

Place: Moon Spa Wanchai
Date: A Sunday night in September
Girl: Don't know, no English
Nationality & Language: Mainland, No English.
Age: late 20s or early 30s
Face: 3/5   
Body: 3.5/5
Service: 3/5
Price & Session Length: 1 hour, nuru plus FS, HKD1,300 plus tip
Repeat: Probably

Went to this place last year and had a good experience with a duo. Was upsold to a Japanese girl who spoke yinguoren as a double and she gave me the Intel on services and prices before I left, but now with the knowledge  to go back last night and ask for more.

So, basically rocked up no appointment 9pm Sunday night of the 6F of a discrete commercial building in WC. Lots of girls talking behind the door but as soon as I rang the bell you could hear them scatter. Like the last time the door opens with the girl behind the door so you cannot see anyone until you are inside, and then only the girl next on the roster I assume.

Went in and was pleasantly surprised. Late 20s or early 30s. Good Ds, man-made but with no obvious scars. Slim. Pretty face but not amazing.

Shown into the room to shower. Girl came back and proceeded with a fairly weak P1. Interrupted twice by two other girls who came in separately and asked if I wanted 2 girl. They had better English and were decent looking but I declined both as I was hoping for FS.

Was asked to flip at the 25 minute mark and thought she was telling me her name was Lulu, but eventually figured out she was referring to nuru

Agreed, flipped back where she proceeded to do good B2B and then on the reverse flip I asked if FS was on offer.  Met with a confused stare that was solved with thumb and forefinger in a circle on one hand with the index finger thrusting in and out on the other. She said yes, grabbed her towel to go get a dom and came back with her phone to make sure I was OK with the price that she'd gestured with her hands.

A fairly quick and unskilled BBBJ, followed by the dom and riding me in CJ. She was enthusiastic but it was late and I was tired. Not unskilled though and while I contemplated changing positions I blew my load after about 10 minutes. She was kinda off in her own world and didn't notice so rode me a few more minutes before I could convince her I had

Friendly shower together at the end. Paid my dues and left. As I was leaving saw the other girls hanging out in the reception. Would say that all of them were 3 to 5 outta 5 so would have tried the same with any of them.

Curious as to how others feel though. HKD1,300 for this, or spend the extra 400 to 700 for a hotel walk in Russian or Brazilian who is hotter and throws DFK and personality into the mix?

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gjob   23-9-2023 09:54  Acceptance  +1   
Mister   22-9-2023 10:59  Karma  +3   Good report, more karma for names of the girls worth trying (not Lulu, lol)
kairhart   19-9-2023 20:25  Karma  +5   Thanks; one of my go-to places personally

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