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Subject: [HK] JLM - Room 703 - Xiao Bo?
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[HK] JLM - Room 703 - Xiao Bo?

Date & Time of Session:  18th September, 15:00
Location:  JLM, TST, 7/F, Room 3
Name:  Xiao Bo?
Link: NA
Agent: NA
Nationality & Language: Mainland, PTH or Cantonese
Age: around 24
Face:  4/5
Body: 4/5 - 34C (soft bolt ons) - 21 - 33
Height:  5' 7
Skill: 2/5
Service: 2/5
GFE: 2/5
PSE: 3/5/5
Price & Session Length:  $700
Repeat: No

Got a mate popping over from the UK, big whore monger, so after taking him to SSP for some electronics shopping, I took him to Foremost first and the offerings today was below average. I have my eye on a very tall Taiwanese girl supposedly in room 707-1 and for the life of me I could not find that room. There were cops on the 6th floor so we skipped that, and eventually went down to JSM (after taking a quick peek at 61-63 Pilkem Street which I didn't know there was a 2nd floor).

Lots of bros at JLM, and I find this nest to be pretty good with pretty mainlanders.

Starting on 8th floor we made our way down each floor, and in the process I spotted 703 in a white negligee but with minimal makeup, a bit gaunt, stunning figure and decent height. So after making our way all the way down the floors I made my way back up the 7th floor to find 703 available and in I went.

Let's just get this straight, there's no DATY, kissing, 69, BBBJ, just plain wash, CBJ and bang, but damn she was pretty. Soft white skin, no tummy, soft bolt ons which I didn't realise they were fake until she lied down, pink nipples, slim waist, pert butt and the standard China fuzz.

When she blew me or as I pounded her, she never made eye contact. Squatting CG first, some grip in the LS but nothing extraordinary so I gripped her waist and pumped hard from below. Then standing off the bed mish where I grabbed her ankles and spread eagled her whilst I pounded away got me lots of loud moans. Flipped her over for standing doggy where I gripped her slim waist and pumped hard until I I stood there for about a minute whilst she caught her breath, them I withdrew myself (some WG will help you do this to grip the condom). Washed separately afterwards, which she took quite a while. She says she has a set of hygiene OCD.

Do I recommend? If you want to bang a younger WG with a good body, then you can't go wrong here. Just once is enough.

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