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Subject: [Shanghai] Success at Judy’s
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[Shanghai] Success at Judy’s

Date & Time of Session:  9 sept 2023, 10:30pm
Location:  Judy’s Lounge and back to hotel
Name:  Mimi
Link:  N/A
Agent: N/A
Nationality & Language: Vietnamese, good English
Age: 24-25
Face:  5/5
Body: 5/5
Height:  5’2
Skill: 3.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
GFE: 3/5
PSE: 0/5
Price & Session Length:  2500 RMB + 200 taxi
Repeat: Yes

Was checking out ISG forums and heard about Judy’s lounge. Went there post dinner yesterday. It is very close to the Portman ritz Carlton.

Very lively bar with good live band. A lot of Viet and Chinese FL of different body type and face for different tastes. Mimi was sitting at the bar and was a stunner. The kind of girl I would have asked out a date. Very pretty and elegant looking and dressed to that part as well. Asked her to join me at my table and had a drink. Asked if she would come back and she said 2500 short time and 4000 overnight. Didn’t feel like bargaining as she was completely MCOT and wanted to bang a beautiful Asian girl.

Came back to hotel and first exchanged money. She undressed and had an amazing body. Firm breasts and natural no work done. Flat stomach and beautiful skin. Went to shower and then started deed on bed as I was quite tired. Nice bbbj but have had better. Long daty and I think she came from her body shaking although I could be mistaken. Finally put on dom and rode in cowgirl and I soon as tired.

Expected a little more GFE and cuddle post event but post she showered changed and left.

I would repeat due to her beauty but could also try one or two more of the girls there. Didn’t get number or photo unfortunately as she knew I was here for one night

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Axel$   15-9-2023 23:13  Karma  +3   Excellent
natsumesama   13-9-2023 06:29  Acceptance  +2   Thanks - I like Judy's but can't bring myself to bother taking these transactional girls
Skepti10   10-9-2023 08:14  Karma  +4   Prices getting real crazy here
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what is ISG stands for?

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Marcade   18-9-2023 06:26  Acceptance  +1   International Sex Guide .. Another popular website.
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International Sex Guide

Yeah, my first post / reply. :-)
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Is this the place in Jing'an?  I randomly passed by it in the afternoon and saw only a small bar with maybe 4-5 seats.  Also did a quick google search and some sites say this place is closed now?
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Just walked past the old Manhattan spot as well as Judy's. Manhattan site seems to be under construction so definitely no more action there, unless they also moved to another spot? Walked in Judy's just before 9pm and the place was dead, only a bunch of guys hanging around. Does the action only start later? Or could it be because it was Sunday night?

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