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Subject: My first session with HG
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My first session with HG

Date & Time of Session: April 14 8PM
Location: Hotel at North Point
Nationality & Language: Thai, English.
Name: B3 (Venus)
Link: http://go141.com/en/A91602-NP-HoneyGirls-B3.html?ref=Search(stype,region)
Age: 24
Face: 4/5
Body:  3/5 (saggy tummy and tits)
Skill: 2/5
Service: 2/5
GFE: 1/5 (Zero LFK, DFK)
PSE: 0/5
Price & Session Length: 600 + 200 for DATY, 45mins
Agent: SS
Repeat: No

This is my first post and my first punt. Thanks to the brothers on this site for the abundant information on mongering here in HK. Really love this site.

I have been wanting to try the Honey Girls for some time and decided to give it a go this week. Contacted the agent via WhatApp asking for girls in HK island and asked for some girls who speak English. Only one choice was given. Decided to give it a try.

Up on reaching the hotel asked for the room number and got an instant reply. Ring the bell, the door opens and Venus receives me hiding behind the door. First looks with the dress she was very good looking   . Asked to pay donation first . Then we both undressed (I could see the saggy tits and tummy - NMCOT. A bit disappointing ) and went in for a shower. She bathed me and focused on cleaning my LB and ASS no further action there. Asked me to use the mouthwash (i was thinking 69, DATY was included) and dry myself and be ready in the room while she cleaned up herself.

Started to LB and balls with so many tissue and started directly with BBBJ. I cannot feel any thing on my LB, asked her to switch to 69 to have a DATY, she told need extra money for that, i obliged and she ask money NOW . This really spoiled my mood.

Once capped, she climbed on me for CG, nice and smooth grinding motion was cool, ask her to bang me and i started to have a pain in my pelvic bone, she is bony around her LS. So we switch immediately to Missionary had good eye contact, for 5 mins and switch to doggie for 5 mins and   

Once again we showered together and she cleaned me. Had chit chat till the end and left as she said the time is up .

Overall I have accomplished my first punt, happy about it .

Next mission: Walk-In

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jin.61   17-4-2019 05:30  Acceptance  +1   
godisdead   16-4-2019 15:03  Karma  +5   Thanks for sharing. Shame about that. Agent SS do sometimes have a good gem.
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Palomino13500   16-4-2019 06:04  Karma  +2   
porkchops   16-4-2019 00:08  Karma  +8   Thanks for your first report. Don't give up on Thai HGs quite yet, I think in most cases you'll get better service.
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hotjac   15-4-2019 21:55  Karma  +5   Good first try - now search for some more fun and accommodating women.

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