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Subject: 50,000HKD!!! Fuji Bldg...like...WTF?
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Post at 15-4-2019 19:40  Profile P.M. 
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50,000HKD!!! Fuji Bldg...like...WTF?

Date: April 2nd 2019
Name: not sure, but she was a touch milfy
Location: top top floor First door on the right - Fuji
Ethnicity: HG
Language(s): Gondonghua,English
Age: Early 30s
Face: 4/5 sexy sexy sexy
Body: 3.8/5
Attitude: 4/5 GFE
Rate: $700 + $100 tip

Ok was doing the Fuji Stair Master and this was before my previous punt with the Spicy Cpicy hunan girl.

I got about a third of the way up and decided that I need to get the lift so went to the top floor and I saw that you can go one more floor higher...what do you know, learn something new every day.

So I get up there and applying my principle of going to the market and if you see something you like taking it, I thought ow first door, kinda milfy had that naughty look about her and thought why not, my nuts are heavy - I think she can help.

Sure enough, I'm in a larger room than I expected and it's full of signs everywhere with one with 50,000HKD on it.

Immediately, I'm thinking, please don't suck my nuts and try to upsell me, I might say yes...to something that might cost me a lot....A LOT!!!

So I'm thinking I got a bit out of my depth now, 500hkd on initial entrance, but that's only...I couldn't catch it, but figured out quite quickly that 700hkd was standard...damn she already got me and what the hell is 50k?

Oh well, no problems, showered up and made the most of it - she had a pretty good body and her skills were pretty good.  Not a bad attitude and she was starting to enjoy it, started her in CG, then flipped her over to mish and started drilling into her and smashing her clit.  She's really getting wet now and grinding back into me, yep, she's enjoying it.  Started warming up quite nicely and her pussy starts gripping and I can feel her lips engorge before she  and I followed soon after.

And I was right, my nuts are lighter, she could help.

I showered up and as I was drying off, chit chatting in my crap Putonghua, I asked what the 50,000HKD service was.

like I really wanted to know, what type of service is that...I mean there was no S&M, no whips, paddles...certainly there was no space for any unusual farm animals, gimps or....then I started thinking of things I knew I'd seen but can't unsee and thought...fisting like to my arm shoulder?...maybe...then my mind took a bit of a turn.....oh scat?  no, no scat....please no scat...like I like being clean and everything....and before I could...scat... she busts into the charades handle for film....oh right, yes, film oh 50k for filming, wow you must be famous, blah blah blah.....Ok thankyou, time to go, please don't touch me anymore!!! BYE BYEEEEEE!

So there you go, you can get a 50k service in Fuji....

the things you learn in Fuji!

WIR - hmmmmm the first part was good, buuuuttt..... what do you think?

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wickedwickedsin   30-4-2019 16:16  Karma  +3   consider 50K cheap having her starred in the movie without charging any further royalties! prepare contracts!
NeverWong   30-4-2019 14:43  Karma  +4   
Frank12   30-4-2019 12:02  Acceptance  +1   
TwistedMirror   24-4-2019 23:09  Karma  +4   50k....!
UncleDad   17-4-2019 05:53  Karma  +5   Thanks for report
zennor   17-4-2019 05:36  Karma  +5   Good story
bohica   17-4-2019 05:00  Karma  +5   For $50K, you should get some equity / deed to PH floor
Petay_1283   16-4-2019 14:05  Karma  +5   
Mike747   16-4-2019 11:28  Karma  +4   Excellent
batman108   15-4-2019 23:43  Karma  +2   awesome and thanks
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Post at 22-4-2019 23:06  Profile P.M. 
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Wow... that would be fucking expensive.  The SSP girls would only charge me 300 but they will wear sun sunglasses.  I had one LiLy oon fukwah charge me 500 for a nice close up mouth cum...

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Frank12   30-4-2019 12:04  Acceptance  +1   Cool tip
manhands   23-4-2019 09:15  Karma  +3   Good tip. Don’t worry I was fed not going to partake!

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Post at 29-4-2019 12:12  Profile P.M. 
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Reply #1 manhands's post

Was it the door to the very left on the top floor? If so I think I’ve seen her and she explained then that it was a fine for catching people filming her cause she doesn’t allow filming! 50k would have been an absurd price for anything haha

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manhands   1-5-2019 14:16  Acceptance  +3   Oh that makes sense, I was thinking how many times do I have to beat off to a video to make back 50k hkd...

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