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Subject: Temple St streetwalker MILF
Kinky King
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Temple St streetwalker MILF

Date & Time of Session:  3-4x over the last few months
Location:  Hong Kong’s Temple St: #99-101. extreme northern entrance  by the ‘gate’ on Kansu St.
Name:  Liu Ping
Nationality & Language: Mandarin
Age: 45
Face:  4; Body:4 for her age.
Price & Session Length: $200 for 1 shot.
Repeat: yeah whenever I have the urge.
Introduction & photos: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/v ... 5555&highlight= and http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/v ... &extra=page%3D3

Saw reports on her late last year, and have been visiting her irregularly whenever I'm in the neighborhood and want a quick bang for $200.

She's usually located at the northern gate of Temple Street, next to the karaoke place opposite 7/11. There are usually 4-5 WG's there, but you couldn't possibly miss Liu Ping as she has a sophisticated MILF-y air around her, especially now the weather is warmer you can catch her in miniskirts and heels. Her work hour usually starts around noon.

Pretty standard affair, I'd usually wait around like other perverts at the north gate until she shows up, then I'd walk up to her to confirm it's $200. We'd go into her office which is just close by, up the elevator to 6/f to her flat. It's quite small and stink of cigarette smell, we'd undress and she'd show off her tight MILF body with a nice set of B cups, she's not very hairy down there. Just a bit of HJ and nipple licking to get me hard, then it's off to the race. The other reason I like to visit her is that she's quite loud, often making these "ji-ji-ji" sound as I'm thrusting. Every single time, without fail, after I finished she'd show me a huge wet spot on her bed sheets, jokingly say that I made her so wet.

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bohica   16-4-2019 23:06  Karma  +8   Ji-ji-ji wet spot!!!
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waynebill792   6-4-2019 14:21  Karma  +2   Hey, could i have her wechat?
hotjac   6-4-2019 13:44  Karma  +4   She's one of my ATFs! An absolutely insatiable woman ... she's easily a 2-hour woman ;)

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