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Agent Y YoYo BBBJ Queen

Date & Time of Session: March 31
Location: Hotel at Prince Edward (usual place)
Nationality & Language: Mainlander, Chinese.
Age: 23
Face: 3.5/5
Body:  3.5/5 small tits
Skill: 4/5
Service: 4/5
GFE: 4/5
PSE: 3/5
Price & Session Length: 600
Agent: Y
WIR: For Sure!

Called Agent Y in the afternoon to see what he has in store. Sent me pics and made my appt. girl look pretty hot from pics, but I always discount 10-20% knowing all these pics are usually beautified, and I was right. None the less, she was still pretty hot and was very friendly with a great attitude.  We showered together, She is tiny with A size tits but large eraser head nipples. She was very attentive in the shower and we were very close to each other, and she kept playing with my LB which got him saluting pretty fast. I pulled her close to me and pressed my junk against her in the small shower and begin kissing her neck and face. She didn’t resist which was a good sign. She wiped me down with those flemsy towel and asked me to lay down and begin to cat nip me. It usually doesn’t do anything for me, but for some reason it felt pretty good the way she did it. Wet, licking and sucking with soft moan. Then came the licking of my balls, it was sensational, she does this figure 8 thing on my balls which makes me tingle all over. She licked up my shaft and gently but slowly wrapped her mouth on my swelling head and slowly sucked me up and down, after about 3 min she switched rythem and sucked me fast and hard. As if she knows that I was about to blow, she stopped and looked up at me with some develish eyes and grabbed a condom and was ready to cap me. I stopped her.........not what u guys are thinking(no bareback), I asked her to keep sucking me because she is so good at it. She obliged and went to town for another 10 minutes and finally capped me and rode me CG. We went through a few other positions and finally had her laid on her stomach and I pounded her hard while fingering her clit at the same time. She couldn’t stop moaning louder and louder which turned me on and I shot my load.

While she cleaned me up, she told me how good I fuck and that I made her cum twice. I joked with her that she should pay me for that. We both laugh and she kissed me on the cheek and we showered together. Another successful punt from Agent Y’s stable.

Shout out to Sherno, he inspired me with all his excellent post and experience with Agent Y.

Hope you guys enjoy my reports. Here’s her pics.

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