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Subject: [Massage + French] Diana, Hot Catalan Blond in Barcelona
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[Massage + French] Diana, Hot Catalan Blond in Barcelona

A visit i paid in Barcelona end of February with a hot blond catalan. Real strong and good massage ending with 69 and covered BJ.

Name "artistic": Diana Zen
Nationality: (or probable origin) Catalan
Age: (apparent and / or announced) 34 if said so. Look young
False or retouched photos?: Perfect
Face description: Pretty and Sexy. i was charmed
Description of Body: perfect, very soft skin, nice tits to touch
Description of Character: friendly
Clothes: black lingerie
Smoking: I do not believe

https://www.sexomercadobcn.com/d ... 3-blog-t380522.html

Address: Crossroad of Street Aragón and Urgell in apartment of the center with shower outside the room. oriental style and low light
Stretcher: comfortable tatami,  Air Conditioning.

price (in €): 1H € 100 massage with mutual oral sex (with condoms)

Easily booked on Whatsapp for the beginning of the afternoon. Arrived at the crossroad, she gave the adress, two minutes away. When i arrived, door open with nobody ... A beautiful blonde i discover behind. quick welcome kiss and i discovered the place of wonders for the next hour ... We shared a couple of words but her english is basic (but good enough) and my english nonexistent so: embarrassment:

Quick shower and i realized i did not solved formalities. When I mentioned at the beginning of the massage, I said, "Now you can relax" ... What i've done immediatly. (For info i was totally jetlagged and with 2 hours sleep only the night before, so i fighted again relaxing too much as the massage was really enjoyable at the beginning) First lie on my stomach and start working on my legs and buttocks, One leg after another. intense and strong but relieving massage ... Very nice. Then she came to the back and neck area ... Very relaxing with some pressure. Left half then right one ... During that period, she was in black lingerie ...

Then she stripped away and came the body body which drove me crazy at the beginning feeling her soft nipples on my back and her firm and soft body. .. She litteraly rubs me with her firm tits ... Amazing! then came the face up.
Again quick step on feet ... then in between my legs, body-body and long period of discovery... then she stood up and gave her pussy for eating almost facefucking...  I was not in a great form but her body drove me crazy ... soft skin, sweet pussy i could not stand very long... Unfortunately not enough ready for a second round...

Undoubtfully "a must-live massage": the quality of the massage, the beautiful body and ... the playful lady herself as a whole.  I need to retry a longer version in a better condition on my next trip there...

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