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Subject: Flower Fairy: Amy's Afternoon Delight
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Flower Fairy: Amy's Afternoon Delight

Thread Subject: Amy - Flower Fairy Spa, TST
Date of Session: 12/3/2019, afternoon
Location: Flat A, 3/F, Far East Bldg, 5 - 6 Middle Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui
Name:  Amy
Link: http://go141.com/en/A53033-TST-S ... l?ref=Search(region,building)
Nationality & Language: PRC, spoke canto well
Age: mid 20's
Face:  4/5
Body:  4.5/5  
Skill: 4/5 massage
Service: 5/5
GFE: 4/5
Price & Session Length: 600 , 90mins
Repeat: i think so

Revisiting some of my favorite haunts after a busy few weeks, so today was time to go see the lovely Charlie at Flower Fairy in Tsim Sha Tsui. I'm a man who likes his regular hangouts and Charlie and her spa have been a favorite since she was originally at the bottom of LKF and have frequented ever since she opened in TST. Its a super convenient location, right next to the TST post office, discreet MTR exit or turn from Nathan road and straight into Far East mansion which has plenty of excuses from tailor shops, sports shops and more as to why you might be there!  Straight into lift and up to 3rd floor, had messaged Charlie earlier and she had said there were a bunch of pretty girls on duty and i should come and choose.

Welcomed with a cry of 'uncle' from Charlie and stepped into a reception room filled with cute and mostly young looking sweet things! Charlie ushered me into one of the spa rooms and asked "Amy' to bring me some water in a few minutes. Always good to chat with Charlie, she's got something about her and today looked very lovely and she's funny and speaks good English and always brings a smile to her face. She asked me where i had been, what i had been doing, how my work was and what kind of massage i wanted. I told her that today the massage would be nearly as needed as the second part, and at that point Amy knocked on the door and came in to bring me some water. Charlie introduced her as Amy,  and explained Amy was a very good massage, and both part one and part 2 would be very good. This got an embarassed looking smile from Amy, who was cute, about 5'6, slim build but looked to have an ample bosom and Charlie has rarely steered me wrong, so i said sure...works for me!

So Charlie exited and Amy asked me to get undressed while she turned on the shower for me, checked the water temperature etc. Not the usual regime, but ok. i
stripped off checking out her butt and a glimpse of a tattoo on her back, all looked good for me, and by the time she had the hot water at a temperature she thought was good, i was naked and ready for a shower. She turns gets a glimpse of me naked, i'm a big hairy fellow, so i get a gasp and then an exploratory stroke of my chest hair first, and she slides her hand down through my hair to introduce herself to junior who is given a firm but gentle introductory handshake. "very nice' she says, and ushers me into the shower. Now normally i find most spa girls, seem to think that anything beyond loop warm water is scorching hot, and was pleasantly surprized by a good reasonably hot shower, which saw me actually turning it down a ittle while i showered up. Its good water pressure and i get a nice good shower in, and by the time i finsih and am drying off, Amy is knocking at the door and asking to come in.

I welcome her in, and she helps dry me off and motions me to the bed, i hop up and lay face down on the bed. She asks me in Cantonese if its ok that she speaks Chinese as her English is very bad, i tell her sure, and she says thanks and tells me that Charlie has told hr that i speak pretty good Cantonese when i want to. That has me laughing and explaining that my Cantonese has huge gaps in it, so for some things i can be fluent, somethings i prefer or need to speak English. She asks me how long i've been in Hong Kong, and how many girlfriends i must have had to learn so much Cantonese, i tell her not enough and thats why there are so many gaps in it. She also starts the massage, asking me as she goes, how strong i want it. I tell her pretty strong and she begins.

She has some strength even if her technique at times might need a bit more work, but she works my shoulders my legs, my thighs, my back, my arms, my neck to full effect. She keeps up a good level of conversation, she seems more interested to know ask me about my life than to give up much information about herself, but she does it wel, changing the subject but not going quiet and we keep up a good level of conversation while she really does give me a work out massage wise.
Now she's given me a good massage and banter, and i have kept my hands pretty much to myself so far, but while the she's teased the cock and balls a little, when she begins to start really paying attention to my inner thigh and everything inbetween, while blowing in my ear i know things are about to change. She's teasing and fondling and making sure junior is wide awake, before stepping away to dim the lights and asking me to roll over.

She dims the lights and without waiting for me to ask, strips down to bra and panties and comes back in to me. She giggles at first pretending to continue the massage while asking me why junior was wide awake and what were we going to do with it getting in the way. I tell her that she could try blowing on it, and being a big tease she leans in and i can feel her breath on him, as she moves up and down the shaft and over the crown breathing on him. I'm thinking hang on, this could be a bonus but she tells me she thinks its too big and she's worried she might bite it!  But happily removes her bra revealing a good sized bust, not as big as i first thought (damn push up bras!) but a very nice set of boobs and junior is soon nestled between them. She's got a medium sized tattoo on the back, and when i ask hr about it, she asks if i like it and asks about where i got my tattoo's done, and do i know what they say in Chinese. I give her the normal rude variation on what they say which gets her in even more of a good mood before telling her what they really say, with her complimenting me on knowing the meaning of the phrases. She tells me how too many foreigners have random and nonsensical Chinese phrases tattoo'ed on them.

After sme very enjoyable down hill racing, with my hand exploring her shapely ass and playing her through her panties. She puts the oil to ne side and snuggles up to me, and gives me access to a perky set of breasts with sme very responsive nipples and some kissing on the lips with some very light FK allowed. I continue t stroke her through her panties and a finger is allowed some brief access to a nicely trimmed (no 70's bush here!) little sister and some gentle stoking and probing continues with her telling me to be gentle. I try my best while she puts the hands to work and goes video game crazy working my joystick like a game of track and field. She must be quite the gamer, as she's got a firm but gentle touch and works me to a very happy finishing line and we finish the race with me sitting up and my head nestled in that bosom.  She compliments me on the quantity of my explosion and gets some tissues to clean me up before cleaning herself up. She asks if she can jump in the  
shower and i lert her go. And she drops her panties and i get a better look at a very shapely ass and trim and she washes herself down in the shower telling me that the shower is big enough for me to join her, and next time we should take a shower or a bath together!

She hops out of the shower and dries herself off, and offers to give me a head and shoulder massage to finish off the session, but is in no rush to dress, so e spend the last ten minutes or so with her massaging my head while leaning in so her boobs are in my face at times. Eventually time to wash and dress up, and Amy is still as attentive which is always nice. After i am showered, she helps me dress and i pay her for the session plus a tip, which gets a big hug and a burst of deeper French kissing in response and a 'please come again, we can have more fun' whisper before she opens the door and leads me out to reception.

There's a bunch of girls including regular Flower Fairy legend QQ sitting in reception, all of whom seem intent on asking Amy if i behaved, was i a gentleman? But befoe Amy can answer, a laughing Charlie comments "all the men who come here are gentlemen! Naughty gentlemen!".  Charlie opens the door and sees me out asking if i had a good time, and was Amy good? I assure her all went well, and with a kiss on the cheek Charlie sends me on my way with me promising to try and come back more often.

I do like Flower Fairy, Charlie has always got a petty good bunch of girls and i think Amy is a very good addition and i think a re-eat is on the cards to see how much more fun can be had!  Two pics of Amy from Flower Fairy's wechat, the first pic is a pretty accurate one, the second one is a more stylized version.

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ramont   14-3-2019 08:45  Karma  +8   For some reason, I thought 90 minutes was more expensive, but that might have been because I had nuru.
ernieb   14-3-2019 05:24  Karma  +5   Gotta try!
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I really like FF Spa also. Charlie is attractive and in the short, flirty interactions I've had with her really turns me on. I've tried 3-4 from there and all have been good. Actually, QQ was the most average session- not bad, but pretty average, but of course, YMMV. Amy has been on my list to try as well, so good to read positive stuff.

Are there any girls there that have better English than most of them? (not including Charlie)

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MinorInfection   14-3-2019 12:51  Karma  +4   practically none of them speak English. Only Charly. : (

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