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Subject: Ing - Thai Nest, Jordan (so good I went back)
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Ing - Thai Nest, Jordan (so good I went back)

Date & Time of Session:  March 2019 x 2
Location: Thai nest at 170 Temple Street
Name:  Ing
Nationality & Language: Thai, English not bad
Age: Early 30's
Face:  3.5/5
Body:  4.5/5
Skill: 4/5
Price & Session Length:  $170
Repeat: Yes

So I've realised I visit Jordan way too much. Something about picking a girl off the street really does it for me. Anyway, after a few uninspiring punts with young Chinese streetgirls (which I may report on another time) I decided to try out a Thai nest. Prices have indeed gone up, the maid said on Jan 1st all the nests upped their price from $150 to $170.

This one was tiny, with customers sitting in the corner waiting. Not for the faint hearted but as a seasoned punter, I dont give a fuck

About 5 girls there - I picked Ing. Facially pretty, dark blonde hair and for me, a perfect body. 5ft tall, slim and toned body. Got that nice natural back arch which makes her cute butt stick out. Tits are a B cup, I prefer a bit bigger but its ok.

Now its the service that really stood out. The streetgirls spread their legs and expect you to be done in 10 mins. Previous thai nests I've visited have been so so, so I wasnt expecting much. If someone can tell me what the usual routine is at these places, I'd appreciate it! She is really about the GFE and starts with a really long cat bath - sucks both your nipples for around 5 mins each, lots of moaning, rubbing herself on you. Happy for me to finger her as well, suck on her tits, kiss her all over. Free roam.

CBJ followed, her on top and the usual positions until She doesn't make eye contact when fucking and I'm sure she'd rather be elsewhere but she puts on a good act.

I decided to go back again a few days later and she recgonised me. She was with a customer so I waited. I heard her being fucked loudly and not long after, a big bald chinese guy came out and she followed. She didnt see me and went into another room. The maid (who is super friendly) said I was waiting - she saw me and playfully asked why I didnt ask for her and that she was sleeping in her room. I literally saw her walk out 2 minutes previously. Fair play, she wanted to give the impression she was an innocent lady waiting for me to visit her but whatever.

In any case, same routine as before but this time she went for a BBBJ. Not for me thanks, on with the cap and fucked until I finished. She is really friendly and for that price and service - unbeatable. Anyway, she leaves Saturday so a few more days to see her if any bro fancies it. Nest is open from 9am-1am or so.

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Macau81   13-3-2019 16:47  Karma  +5   
porkchops   13-3-2019 08:49  Karma  +8   Great value for money! What's the allotted time in those nests?
dododo   13-3-2019 08:08  Karma  +3   
doe_hunter34   13-3-2019 04:42  Acceptance  +1   How do you find this place? Sign?
Coffeee   13-3-2019 03:43  Karma  +5   I miss those Thai nests!
bohica   13-3-2019 03:18  Karma  +5   Thai NestING points!!!

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