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Subject: Smooci Hanna
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Post at 1-3-2019 15:50  Profile P.M. 
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Smooci Hanna

Date & Time of Session:  Feb 2019
Location:  Bangkok
Name:  Hanna
Link: www.smooci.com
Agent: Smooci
Nationality & Language: Thai
Age: early 20s
Face: 9/10  
Body:  9/10
Skill: 7/10
Service: 8/10
GFE: Yes
Price & Session Length: 4000B, 1 hr
Repeat: Possibly

I'd done a round of the gogo bars and not having found anyone, decided to look up smooci. It was late but I found Hannah and seeing she had decent ratings, booked her.

First, she arrived within 40 mins, which was great. She is beautiful, perky and tight. Very trendy with Chanel earrings, Gucci bag and hot jeans. She looks like a girl you’ll meet in one of the hip clubs around Bangkok. - heads will turn.

Despite her not speaking any English she is sweet and fun but takes some warming up to. Google translate is your friend when you are with her. Photos are accurate but she definitely looks even better in person. Very petite. I would have given 10/10, but she would not do a bbbj, but her pure beauty and amazing body were enough to keep my interest. FS was great. You will not get PSE. She tries not to kiss but if you get her horny she does! And she gets horny - give her some DATY.

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Rlim09999   22-3-2019 00:44  Acceptance  +4   
Cahacas2   20-3-2019 12:29  Acceptance  +1   
yanivr   15-3-2019 14:06  Karma  +3   Nice
labela   14-3-2019 16:43  Acceptance  +1   seems like smooci has most girls in bkk
skklau   14-3-2019 12:43  Acceptance  +2   Great report.. Queries in the wrong section... Sorry mods
bbbandit   8-3-2019 10:06  Karma  +5   Excellent
Gent123   4-3-2019 22:55  Karma  +2   
john1958   4-3-2019 15:31  Karma  +5   MCOT excellent
bohica   4-3-2019 12:28  Karma  +8   Smootchie K points!!!
austin821   4-3-2019 04:58  Karma  +4   
bobarthurs   4-3-2019 02:26  Acceptance  +1   Excellent she has been on my to do list for a while
poohkeymug   3-3-2019 16:21  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for the detailed and juicy review. I will definitely try her when I am in Bangkok.
jsmithj88   2-3-2019 09:20  Karma  +5   which agency on smooci?
batman108   2-3-2019 05:19  Karma  +3   awesome and thanks
porkchops   1-3-2019 22:39  Karma  +6   Thanks!
hotjac   1-3-2019 21:31  Karma  +4   nice find
Freelancer   1-3-2019 18:56  Karma  +4   Favorable
aurufc   1-3-2019 17:43  Karma  +5   Nice
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Was her boobs natural or enhanced?

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Petay_1283   4-3-2019 14:07  Karma  -5   lurker for 10 years!
Dr.A   3-3-2019 16:59  Karma  -1   
aurufc   3-3-2019 15:09  Karma  -2   10 years and you don't know that 1 liners go in Ratings?
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do you remember which agency she works for or is she an                 independent?

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Freelancer   4-3-2019 00:29  Acceptance  +1   Hannah is independent
porkchops   4-3-2019 00:24  Acceptance  +1   You've already asked in ratings... Let's set a good example to the newbies by avoiding one-liners...
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Reply #1 stvacay's post

Love your reports bro!

I wanted to use Smooci when I was there but never got round to it. Either went for massage or the drink won!!

I never saw Hannah's ad when I searched there but I did want to see Opal!

Keep up the great reports!

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Freelancer   4-3-2019 19:10  Acceptance  +1   Opal has nice tits but she’s in her 40s.

'Yes, Madam, I am drunk, but in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.'
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Post at 14-3-2019 12:41  Profile P.M. 
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Reply #1 stvacay's post

Just wondering does she have braces on her teeth? .. For me it's a deal breaker I'm not a bit fan of the braces
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Reply #1 stvacay's post

4000 1hr a little bit expensive.

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aurufc   21-3-2019 10:48  Acceptance  +1   Welcome. Please read the Forum guidelines and use the Rating Button for short comments or questions.

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Post at 27-3-2019 21:47  Profile Site P.M. 
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If man desires to satisfy their physical needs, jaipur escorts will be the most effective option for them,

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JackTheBat   31-3-2019 16:29  Karma  -1   Have you stopped spamming this forum yet?? GOOD.
porkchops   28-3-2019 04:05  Karma  -1   And if a mod needs to satisfy the forum's needs banning you would be the effective option!


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