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Subject: Vietnam Spa in Wanchai - Anna
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Post at 11-10-2018 21:35  Profile P.M. 
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Vietnam Spa in Wanchai - Anna

Thread Subject: Anna at Vietnam Massage
Date & Time of Session:  October 2, 2018, 2pm
Location:  Lockhart Road? Wanchai
Name:  Anna
Link: Can’t seem to find it on the DB but it was there before.
Nationality & Language: Chinese, Mandarin
Age: 25-30
Face:  3/5
Body:  3/5
Skill:  2/5
Service:  1/5
GFE: 0/5
PSE: 0/5
Price & Session Length:  500 + 200 for taking off clothes
Repeat: Absolutely NOT

Started at Heng Wan Cho Massage but someone had burnt something in the kitchen, filling the whole apartment with smoke so I left even though Crystal looked good – biggest mistake of the trip.

Made my way to Vietnam Massage and Anna answered the door.  I was looking for others listed on the website but she said she was the only one available.  As she was attractive, I decided to give it a go.
Anna asked me to take a shower by myself (not a great start) and then left as another punter had arrived and she had to go answer the door (bad sign of things to come).

Laid down on the bed and she gave an average massage but nothing to write home about.  There was at least some ass play and ball massage but just as things were getting exciting, the doorbell rang again and off she went.  This was a real buzz kill as she was gone for five minutes.
Upon entering again, she got me to flip and I got the distinct impression that she was hurrying me through so she could get to the next punt.  
She started stroking LB and I tried to get access to her body but she kept saying that was extra.  She finally took off her dress but she wouldn’t allow me to kiss her boobs, touch her boobs, touch her pussy or basically do anything but look.  At this point, I was rather disappointed in the whole affair and just let her finish me off.  She then went off to wash, I showered alone, and got dressed.
In the living room, she asked for 700 altogether which seemed a bit steep.  I couldn’t get my phone to work to see the original pricing posted on the website so I eventually just gave up, gave her the money, and got out.  She was already in the other room with another punter when I left.
Overall, give this place a miss.  With rushed, overpriced service, this was the worst punt of the trip.

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I've been meaning to try out this place..

Could you share how many size of the place and how many people seem to workthere?
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Sorry for the bad service

I know exactly how you feel because I have a similar experience.

I believed that really turn everyone off when they need to walk away for 1 min!! A big NO NO for any man.

Hope you get a better luck with that price paid.

Thanks again for the report.

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