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Subject: Follow up report with Ayumi Arihara
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Post at 11-10-2018 19:50  Profile P.M. 
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Follow up report with Ayumi Arihara

Date of Session: Last week of August
Location: 4 Star Hotel on Kowloon side
Name: Ayumi Arihara
Age: Mid 20s
Face:  4/5 (Beautiful smile)
Body: 4/5 (Natural B cups)
Skill: 2/5 (Average-see below)
Service: 3/5 (Poor-see below)
GFE: 4/5
PSE: 0/5
Damage: 2x k!
Repeat: Maybe not

Now, for a long overdue report from the last mention (link here) as I’ve been so busy recently. I originally made a reservation for Ayumi Arihara, but due to some unfortunately incident, I had to be rescheduled until her last day. I should have just gave up on her but instinct took over from watching her JAV porn that made me wanna visit her.

So, on to the rescheduled day, went to the hotel located in Kowloon and arrived on time. Texted the agent that I’ve arrived and the room number was provided. Entered her room and she was hiding behind the door. First thought, wow, she’s quite tall. Exchanged a few pleasantries, and asked how she was feeling. She said she is feeling better and thanked me for asking

She had this very beautiful smile and I complimented her with “kireina” and she started to get a little embarrassed. Went over and gave her a small peck on the cheek and had a little cheeky grab of the behind. Felt a little bony and she was quite slim. Anyway, started to get undressed and go for a shower. Quite uneventful so I put that down to lack of experience for which I hope will be made up later.

Go back outside together and she asked me to lie on my back. Her hands started to wander around my body and uses the tip of her fingers to get me aroused around LB area, while staring into my eyes from time to time (wish I could have taken a photo that time haha). Mouth started getting close to my sack and teasing the outside of my LB before engulfing it into her mouth. Man this was good, warm, wet and sloppy BJ began and lasted for around 10-15 mins. It wasn’t as good as I would have thought but she is a trooper.

As time passed, I was getting hornier so I told her to cap me and jump on. Started off in missionary for a change (bad start) and started to pumping. After around 10 mins of pumping, she told me her pussy was hurting so we tried to switch it to doggy so that we can adjust the angle. No use… another 2 mins passed and she was squirming as if she is in pain   . I asked if she could finish me off with a BJ and she said she doesn’t wanna cum in mouth. Therefore, I told her to gimme a BJ until I need to cum and then I’ll cum over your tits, she said okay. So for the remainder of the session, she was changing between a BJ and a HJ and to be honest it was a little boring, so I had to picture a really like hot girl (AIKA) and just used my imagination to finish off the job. Such a disappointment given the price I’ve paid. Finally, the moment of truth comes and I shoot a huge load over her titties, making sure it doesn’t drip too much down south!

Shower was uneventful, and before I left, I asked if I can take a selfie, but unfortunately, she rejected, but she did send me some selfies herself (RA50 below. Please don't ask for contact as she told me not to share). If you want Jap Agent contact, please leave me a PM.

Overall, not the best, and I told the agent don’t give me anyone in future with pussy pain. Since then, the next encounter I had was really good (report to follow a bit later).


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Bulbajack   17-12-2018 10:02  Acceptance  +1   Sorry to hear that bro.
fluidjimbob   22-11-2018 04:34  Acceptance  +1   
singabonk   24-10-2018 02:46  Acceptance  +1   Who is her agent? Does he book other AV actresses?
ohmicmic   16-10-2018 23:03  Acceptance  +1   That’s a sad story.
Fantasia   13-10-2018 04:48  Acceptance  +1   Wanna try some real Japanese/Korean, any contact?
batman108   13-10-2018 01:25  Karma  +3   awesome and thanks
stinkyfeet   12-10-2018 20:34  Karma  +10   Maybe ten years ago bedding a jav girl would have been great but these days Chinese girls are just as beautiful
modnar   12-10-2018 19:55  Karma  +4   
zhude10   12-10-2018 15:00  Karma  +2   Great report - shame it was such a disappointment. Love reading your JAV reports!
kenbond   12-10-2018 09:50  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for sharing Bro!
Sibil2   12-10-2018 08:12  Karma  +5   Shame at the cost. Still hot though. Looking forward to next report.
mizunofan   12-10-2018 02:56  Karma  +8   
hlau   11-10-2018 23:55  Karma  +6   Favorable
slackerrus   11-10-2018 23:27  Karma  +4   ouch. look forward to your next report
SimonTheShark   11-10-2018 21:11  Karma  +5   Sorry bro
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Post at 12-10-2018 18:14  Profile P.M. 
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If it is the first time the agent works with the girl, the agent will not be able to guarantee anything and you will be a guinea pig for the clients in the future.
BTW last month Miss Arihara has just closed her twitter account unexpectedly. She may quit the AV career. Buddy, consider it as her last Hong Kong tour, not that bad for you.

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