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Subject: Russian girl report
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Russian girl report

Date of session: Oct 10
Location: TST
Nationality: Russian
Link: http://go141.com/en/A80188-TST-HoneyGirls-say.html
language:  English
Face: 3/5
Body: 3/5 n
Tits: 5/5 D cup I think
Skill: 2/5 nothing special
Service: 3/5 Nothing especial
Age of the girl : Mid 20s I think
GFE: 1/5
Room: 3/5 OK hotel room, still on the small side, 2 small beds
Price: $1300

Hello guys, it's my report again, since I just wrote 3 reports in this 3 days,but it's real!!
Well, I made a list of 3 East European girls, I called the the agent and she told me that she is not here anymore and she has some other Russian girls, I told her I will check the DB to see and if so I will call you, Called the second agent and made appointment with TST AK  SAY

In the room. I took shower alone and there was not any kind of shower gel in the bathroom, any way finished the shower and went out and she told me sorry money first, I told her I should pay after the session is done she told me sorry money first, I did not want any hassle that may spoil my mood I gave her the money, she took off her bra and we went to the bed, she gave me her boobies to suck them while she was stroking my LB, and quickly she got on her knees and gave me a BBBJ while I was seated on the bed, it was very good BBBJ but very short, I told myself this is a bas sign, she domed me and we started with CG, her acceleration was really fast and she was squatting, at this point I got the feeling that she wants to finish me fast and I told myself I am not gonna finish this session in 5 mins, so I told her keep going honey I am not easy, I like it hard, she was riding me for some mins until she can’t handle it any more so she asked me to switch, Doggy I banged her like there is no tomorrow until she asked me to switch position, Mish I banged her until we both were drowning in sweat, during the session I did not have any chance to kiss her so while we are fucking in MISH I asked her nicely If we can kiss and told her you don’t like kissing, she told something that I could not understand, anyway I started kissing her nicely and lightly but failed to get along with her and I gave up ( later on I knew she is a smoker that’s why she may trying to avoid kissing although she has a very good white teeth, and the has the gape smile as well), at some point I felt very tired and can’t keep going any longer, I am on a low carb diet and my breakfast was only 2 servings of whey protein and I don’t have any feul, so I told her to finish me by hand, first she picked up towels for us to dry the sweat shower and she used some Lube and finished me by hand, I asked her I need a couple of mins to rest then I will wash up, she said no problem, she was smoking and I took some rest some chatting with her shower then left.

Overall : I can’t say this is a bad punt, it’s an OK punt, she did not give my any kind of foreplay and did not give me the chance to give her some foreplay, she thought that she can finish me as quick as possible( But I do really last and I can tell that WG’s don’t like the punter who lasts longer), she took the money upfront, on the other hand I can’t deny that the girl is really nice and the smile was on her face all the time but the service is barely average, I will keep going until I find what I am looking for a beautiful girl with a high end service, I believe that once I will hit that.

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