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Subject: shower scene
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shower scene

In JAV pornos, there are usually shower scenes, and I was curious if anyone here has any notable experiences with sex in the shower or tub?  I find the few times I've participated in it to be quite sensual and arousing.  Something about getting splashed with water while banging a hottie...

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batman108   13-10-2018 01:31  Acceptance  +2   awesome and thanks
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I've done it while in the table shower getting "nuru" and it was arousing and we had water everywhere.  we were in there for a good 20 minutes and a line forming outside.  the peps outside were pissed as F#&.  It has a different feeling compared to doing it in the room.

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jeffzeke   13-10-2018 13:14  Acceptance  +10   thanks for sharing!
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I've have done it in the shower room where she bbbj me and I daty her standing.  it was good 10 minutes of awesome fun.

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jeffzeke   13-10-2018 13:15  Acceptance  +10   outstanding!
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A couple times in the shower with various regulars... and yes, its seems "hotter" and more "intimate"...

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jeffzeke   13-10-2018 13:15  Acceptance  +10   very true, thanks for sharing.


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