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Subject: "True" Bangkokg Escorts
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Post at 10-10-2018 23:32  Profile P.M. 
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"True" Bangkokg Escorts

Location: Hotel
Name: wiwi/Victoria
Nationality: Thai
Age: ???
Face: 2.5/5
Body: don't know
Service: 2 hours
Price: Not paid in full (paid 1000B for transport)

This was a few months ago. I found a picture of a really hot looking escort on the true bangkok escorts webpage and thought why not? When she arrived though it was fairly clear. I knew I shoudl have cencelled the booking when I saw the same girls on a different site with different information. The True Escorts website had her at 24, the other at 27 and I am certian both were wrong. Anyway, even though it was the same girl she was deffinetly dissapointing compared to her PS pcitures. As I asked the agent before if i could cancel on arrival for 1000 I though I may as well. She got me to talk her her agent on the phone who was pretty issed off asking why? I didn't ask for her ID but after about 10 minutes everyone finally agreed it was best if she left and settled for the 1000. Not an expensive mistake but deffinelty a waste of money and I should have know better.

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bobarthurs   23-11-2018 18:38  Acceptance  +1   thanks she looks so great on their website
batman108   17-10-2018 13:07  Karma  +2   awesome and thanks
Nycpunter   16-10-2018 11:44  Karma  +2   
obe   15-10-2018 11:30  Karma  +4   Thanks for sharing
stinkyfeet   14-10-2018 15:14  Karma  +1   Generally in Asia, web bookings are not a good route for SYT
MothToAFlame   12-10-2018 23:20  Acceptance  +5   
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Reply #1 tutsyroll's post

Had the same kind of problem so I now insist doing my booking with a video chat beforehand.
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Originally posted by Flyuen at 14-10-2018 05:30
Had the same kind of problem so I now insist doing my booking with a video chat beforehand.

That sounds like a great idea. Will have to give it a try.

Have had a few bookings that were not up to expectations but no hassle in cancelling. The more people that cancel then maybe these people will get the idea to stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

In some cases even a black bag over the head wouldn't help lol.......

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batman108   15-10-2018 11:28  Karma  +2   Awesome and thanks

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