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Subject: Finishing on an AV/Japanese model's Back
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Post at 10-10-2018 16:19  Profile P.M. 
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Finishing on an AV/Japanese model's Back

Date & Time of Session:  6 Oct 2018 7PM
Location:  At my home (Wife is out of town ;))
Name: Yuki
Link: Line account - yukihkg
Nationality & Language: Japanese & English
Age: 26 but looks much younger
Face: 9/10  Looked just like her photos, BEAUTIFUL, but she has short hair...
Body: 8/10 Very cute set of tits, the way she moved made her body look even sexier
Skill: 7/10 Very good service, she gave me the the JAV experience i wanted. I feel hard thinking about it haha
Service: overall 9/10
GFE: 8/10
PSE: 8/10
Price & Session Length:  Had to negotiate with agent, was able to get here for 3000 1 hour
Repeat:Yes! she’s here for one more week so will have her again

I had heard rumours from a friend that a Japanese model who did a AV in the past has arrived in Hong Kong. I was incredibly interested as every time a japanese goddess would drop by to hong kong, I was either too busy or out of town! Luckily this time, a friend  of mine had contacts to Yuki’s agent. I guess I quite the lucky dog this time.

I messaged on line and it was quite pleasant, I got a few photos depicting her soft beautiful skin. And her looking seductive. I knew I had to plow this girl…
I negotiated and ended up settling with 3000 for a pop which I was annoyed with at first.  But of course, I had to experience Yuki.

She came around my apartment complex at around 6:50 and we had a small chat. She was in Hong Kong for a couple of days and needed money since she was travelling. We sat on my bad and as we talked, my hand inched closer to her body. She was not resisting at all, and started to rub LB through my pants. You bet that I got hard instantly! we started of with a little bit of french kissing as we started taking of each others clothes and i carried her towards the shower. She started rubbing her body against mine in the shower and spreading soap all over me. Then she got on her knees and used soap to lubricate her cute Tits! she was looking at me straight in the eye as she gave me one of the best titjobs I’ve had in a while. then she got her mouth on the tip of my dick, licking the tip and stroking it with her right hand. After a little of this I’ve had enough and carried her back to my bed.

I gave her a bit of DATY and her moans were almost as delicious as her kitty…
My LB was ready to go so I capped myself then pushed inside her Missionary style. She was TIGHT. i was pumping and push while she moaned and turned me on even more. Then I switched her over to doggy and spanked her all the while and eventually I finished and shot on her back.
We lied in bed for a while then she cleaned up at the shower. We talked for a bit but at this point I’m already too tired so I paid her and told her to see me next week.

I feel like I want to try out more porn star type girls more, do you have any suggestions?

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like2bonk   13-10-2018 13:38  Karma  +4   her face.......indeed
Petay_1283   13-10-2018 11:22  Karma  +10   nice
bohica   12-10-2018 23:57  Karma  +5   Gutsy, weren't you concerned of nosy neighbors gossiping?!?
zhude10   12-10-2018 14:56  Karma  +2   Awesome - love some JAV!
nitesky6888   12-10-2018 05:01  Karma  +4   Try out the Jap agent I use for Jap girls! Haha
jeffzeke   11-10-2018 11:27  Karma  +10   thanks for sharing, JAV is hot.
UncleDad   11-10-2018 09:39  Karma  +10   Jav-tastic
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Her face

I am sorry to be a bore. I wonder if you need to put a large RA on the last photo. She is a freelancer, a traveler who needs some money. I don't think it's appropriate to show her face here.

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Petay_1283   13-10-2018 11:23  Karma  +5   not boring, well caught.
jeffzeke   11-10-2018 11:28  Karma  +5   agree, I've changed the last pic to RA 30.
biglemoncoke   11-10-2018 09:58  Karma  +2   Agree!
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Reply #1 Pacificrimmer's post

You are a brave man doing this in your house, were you not worried about neighbours, guards or anything?

'Yes, Madam, I am drunk, but in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly.'
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Lets see wt her back look like

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