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Subject: New Spa Experience in Central (FOR HAPPY SHARE)
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New Spa Experience in Central (FOR HAPPY SHARE)

Finished meeting at 5pm earlier than planning yesterday and need to wait for dinner at 7pm.  Just wondering how to kill time in Central and one of my friends wechat me to say there is a newly open shop near Lan Kwai Fong.

Out of my curiosity, just walk over to the new shop and take a look (prepared to leave immediately if gals are unsatisfactory).  One gal opens the door and catches my first sight immediately.  She is a middle height gal with long legs and slim body.  I immediately agree the price and then enter the room.  The room is quite big and well-equipped with hair-dryer, one-off slippers and 3-in-1 charging cable.

Part I is typical massage and Lamlam’s massage skill is much better than my expectation.  But honestly, her beautiful face and GFE make me forget everything.  As usual, I order basic VIP service only due to new shop and new gal.

In Part II, her slim hands are moving along my body with rhythm together with her sweet voice.  She heavily “attacks” my nipples and of course my hands are very busy to explore her body.  With more interaction, she starts increasing the rhythm and eventually makes me pop in short period of time.  I take deep breath and am not willing to move as it is too exciting.  She helps me clean up just like my gf afterwards.

Actually, it is worthy to spend 1 hr here and I will try B2B service next time definitely.

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Dude where's this place? Are there choices?
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Central location

Yes, please share location or PM if possible.

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