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Subject: Repeat with Alena at Jordan this time
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Repeat with Alena at Jordan this time

Date & Time of Session: 15 May 2018 at about 7 pm
Location: Hotel near temple street at Jordan
Nationality & Language: Russian (Name: website stated Alena, but she said her name is Karlina)
Link: http://go141.com/en/A71088-SW-HoneyGirls-Alena.html?ref=Exotic
Age: she told me that she’s 28 this time
Face: 4/5 (pretty! Full makeup on)
Body:  4.5/5 (she’s tall, about 5’10”, slim and with muscular abs! -0.5 for fake boobs)
Skill: 5/5 (Still keeping the 5 in this category)
Service: 4.5/5
Price & Session Length:  $800 FS for 30 mins
Repeat: done that and would repeat for sure!

I kept her number since my last visit and my report is at this link: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/v ... &extra=page%3D1

Texted her last week and arranged seeing her again today during lunch time. But she told me that she has moved to a hotel at Jordan! So I needed to postpone my visit to after work!

Got into the room and it’s like meeting an old friend! She’s in her bathrobe again! hot! This hotel is shitty comparing to the hotel at Sheung Wan! She told me that the first day she moved to this hotel she cried for the whole day! I comforted her by telling her that most budget hotels in HK are like this as it would costs much less and that’s why her agent put her here! Then she showed me that this shitty room actually costs USD$70! Well, that’s a rip off for sure!

Enough of the bullshit! I showered alone again as this shower is tiny, which is fine with me! Yes then it’s the same good stuff as last time! She took off the bathrobe and she’s in her black g string! She started with kissing my ears and the it’s DFK! kissing with my nipples, then abs, then LB.  As She has performed BBBJ last time, so this time no more CBJ this time and went straight to BBBJ. She kept up the good blowjob skills as last time, Lots of suction, various pace and various depth.  Performed deep throat on me like twice ! Need real effort to keep my load!

Then she took off her bathrobe and bam! Nice boobs is out again! I immediately grab those and kept sucking her nipples!
Then she put the cover on and we started with doggie, this time her LS seems not as tight as last time, perhaps I was her first customer of the day last time?? Anyway, I turned to mish in order to look at her boobs and pretty face! DFK all the time while in mish! I kept squeezing her nice boobs and there were lots of eyes contact between us! Sweet! But she also gave me this slutty look! So I went back to doggie in order to look at her ass! After a while, it’s

Then we both catch our breath for a bit and i showered alone this time. I got dressed, chit chat a bit, paid her and I leave.

She said that she will be in HK until early June, so I guess I will try to see her again next week! G! I am hooked to Russian pussy now!

Happy punting!

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JJJ37   18-5-2018 00:32  Karma  +4   Once you go Russian........
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blast77   16-5-2018 17:31  Karma  +8   Excellent
David.youngson   16-5-2018 14:35  Karma  +2   So how much was the hotel in Sheung Wan lol?
batman108   16-5-2018 12:53  Karma  +2   Awesome and thanks

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