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Subject: Amazing Lily - Russian at King Hing MK
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Post at 11-7-2018 22:23  Profile P.M. 
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Mind sharing wechat in PM

Mind sharing wechat in PM, report isgreat. really keen to try

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FlyingBreadMan   6-8-2018 23:57  Karma  -1   SPAM - stop it!
barney.winkel   11-7-2018 22:28  Karma  -1   Why didn't u just PM OP to ask? Stop spamming
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Would love to try lily wherever she is

I read your wonderful report about Lily. Would gladly visit her in HK or Mainland.
I am going to fly to her once I have we contact!

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FlyingBreadMan   6-8-2018 23:58  Karma  -1   Irrelevant - stop it!
Petay_1283   6-8-2018 11:10  Karma  -1   Irrelevant
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could you share her wechat please mate?
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Reply #23 pabloescobarz's post

These KH post replies are bizarre seeing how it was raided few weeks back. From last I checked and others reporting, it's still not up and running yet.

Also if you want to ask for contact info why wouldn't u just PM the specific user lol. Sorry for adding to the spam accidently replied instead of rated with a one liner lol.

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johnnyquest   13-8-2018 22:10  Acceptance  +1   Lol for one-liner spam. and :( for no russians. I wonder if it's possible to chase down the russians over whatsapp (cuz ...

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