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Subject: Oriental Spa - Yue Yue (advanced negotiating skills required)
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Oriental Spa - Yue Yue (advanced negotiating skills required)

Date & Time: Mid March 2018 around lunch time
Location: Oriental Spa
Name: Yue Yue
Nationality & Language: Chinese with pretty much zero English
Face: 5/5 (MCOT)
Body: 2/5
Skill: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5
GFE: 1/5
PSE: 1/5
Price & Session length: HKD 1300 for 60 min
Repeat: probably to location but no to girl

I was not planning on writing this at first as the girl was telling me it was her last day in Hong Kong back then. But I have since seen her being advertised again and therefore reconsidered in the hopes this helps fellow bros. So, here is how it went down about a month ago...

After a disastrous long week and an even more ridiculous email exchange during lunch time, I decided that I needed a change and do a short walk over to Oriental Spa. It was very close to where I had my noodles and I didn’t text the mamasan, which I normally do. I was therefore very surprised by what my eyes were seeing when the door opened: an energized, young thing jumping around and rushing me into one of the rooms. Her short black skirt was already giving me a taste of what was about to come. But at this time I wasn’t sure if my luck was going to last.

She asked me to take a shower first. Her English was close to zero, so we settled on English. She stayed with me while I stripped. Only when I stepped into the shower she walked out again. Once I was done, she came back. My luck was obviously holding up. She helped me dry and asked me to get on the massage table. This room was much smaller than the last one and I was a bit unsure about how we would letter move into more action here. But at this point she was trying hard to give me a massage. It wasn’t great since she actually hurt me a bit. And upon my telling her that she needs to do a bit softer basically be some too soft.

At this time there was very little groping from her side but she made sure I was getting my hands on her legs and thighs. Her skin was great and she was really chatty and entertaining. Upon the flip, she went straight for LB massaging him very well. I asked her to take off her clothes which she commented with some new price. As I think I heard 900, I was still thinking that this was the full service price. As it turns out later, I was wrong.

She revealed very small tits but made up for it with her attitude. Her face is actually very lustful when she gives you the horny looks. After me groping and LB waking up, I asked for FS. This is where she almost killed it. She first quoted me additional 600 which, of course, I outright rejected. From my prior post on this establishment you can see that the price is at 900 for FS. She didn’t move on the price even while I was coming up from the 900. This went for so long that I started losing interest. Her hands on LB the whole time, she must have felt my discomfort with the situation and finally started to settle on 1300.

I still found this to be outrageous but was in need for a release and hence gave in. My emotional state pushed me to finish this quickly and when she got onto the bed and into CG, I was thrusting my way through this in no time. She obviously enjoyed it as she later confirmed but I was already elsewhere in my thoughts. The whole thing was over in a couple of minutes.

She cleaned me up and we had a shower together. Upon settling the bill and walking back out, I saw mamasan and was tempted to ask about the pricing policy. But eventually refrained and just wrote it off. Sometimes it’s better to go with what you get and look at it from a perspective of need rather than price.

While I like Oriental, this one was a mixed bag: very nice face, so so body and a damn flea market like attitude when it comes to price negotiation. Next time don’t walk in here without having the details of what you inquire and price negotiated first.

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twelve98   17-4-2018 02:16  Karma  +3   I went once and they quoted me 1200 for FS

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