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Subject: Anna - Sakura, Shekou. She's getting to comfortable.
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Post at 16-4-2018 16:51  Profile Blog P.M. 
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Anna - Sakura, Shekou. She's getting to comfortable.

Been a while since I visited Anna, we have been trying to meet up for over a week but I kept having to delay due to work and customers in town. She never complained once, always saying no problem.. of course.

Date & Time of Session: Sunday April 15th
Location: Sakura, Shekou Sea World. 5 minutes walk from Sea world metro station exit C (Behind old 7 days inn, now Ranz hotel)
Name:  Anna
Nationality & Language: Chinese: Speak very good English.
Age: late 20's - she looks late 20's too.
Face:  5/5 - beautiful
Body:  3.5/5 - huge real tits sensitive too! a little belly fat.
Skill: 3.5/5 - nothing special to be honest, the more I see her the more I think she lacks a lot of skill.
Service: 3/5 - getting lazy
GFE: 2.5/5
Price & Session Length:  398 for Special Massage / 500 tip.
Repeat: I think I am spent with Anna now.

Perhaps I am expecting too much lately or maybe I am right and Anna has gotten too lazy/comfortable.

I have recently been getting back into the gym after a long break, so I was aching like hell, especially my legs. I asked Ann when arranging to meet her to give my legs a strong massage. When I arrived it was very quiet and she led me to a room.

I was very disappointed with the massage, it was barely a back rub before she was asking me to turn over and the fun to begin. I asked her to massage my legs, so she did, for about 5 minutes before she was complaining she was too hot!

The only thing Anna has going for her these days is her looks, big tits and English. I originally wanted her for an outcall during last week but she wanted 1200 for an outcall, and that is not FS, only a HJ and maybe DATY, but she is very hairy down there so that'll never happen from me!

If you want a half assed massage from an attractive girl with a HE, maybe slip a finger in too. She is your girl, but I will not be going back there from now on. Not to see her anyway.

I think it is time I got my lazy ass out of Shekou to try somewhere else in SZ for a massage.

Any recommendations?

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agamemnon33   24-5-2018 08:01  Karma  +3   nice
halfclover   15-5-2018 10:25  Karma  +8   thats a shame, great looks
porkchops   20-4-2018 12:49  Karma  +4   Yep, I'd move on!
hotjac   17-4-2018 09:10  Karma  +5   Ditto - on your summary. I too find familiarity brings lazy service.
blast77   17-4-2018 07:48  Karma  +8   Cutie but you're right, lazy service means goodbye
austin821   17-4-2018 05:53  Karma  +5   Next ... :)
batman108   17-4-2018 02:54  Karma  +3   awesome and thanks
obe   16-4-2018 20:39  Karma  +10   Time to move on from her

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Post at 20-4-2018 17:11  Profile P.M. 
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Not a shocker. I have always found hot girls to be super lazy in bed - P2P or otherwise.. it's the 7/10 lookers that give you the best service

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MothToAFlame   25-4-2018 10:51  Acceptance  +1   Maybe you could report on some of your own experiences
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Post at 12-5-2018 14:20  Profile P.M. 
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Reply #1 Petay_1283's post

I think I'll try her soon)))) Very nice report

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Petay_1283   14-5-2018 08:56  Acceptance  +1   Hi bro, use rating system for 1 line replies. Please read forum guidelines.

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