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russian korean mix Regina

there is a girl Regina 23 yo just arrived Hk
she is freelance girl i texted her on 52646123 she use only whats up
only 1500 hkd incall and 2000 plus taxi for one hour outcall .
excellent service ! good girl . i give her hight rating- she knows her job .
silicone breasts well done
clean shaved ^ good bbbj
french kiss and shower together
she was super polite and extremely sexy girl

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batman108   14-4-2018 12:48  Acceptance  +3   Awesome and thanks
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Any other info? Such as page link, how to contact agent etc ..
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thank you for this advertisement                            .

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stinkyfeet   13-4-2018 18:37  Acceptance  +8   Can i dock k's?

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