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Subject: KH Russian 10/F
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KH Russian 10/F

Date & Time of Session: 1320 - 12/03/18
Location: King Hing Building, Mong Kok (10/F, left, right, 2nd room)
Name: Don't remember
Nationality & Language: Russian and Russian
Age: Late 30s
Face: 4/5
Body: 3.5/5
Skill: 3/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: $600
Repeat: Nope, just because there's more Russians in KH

Went to KH to see if I can get some early Russian pooosy.

Not a lot of people were roaming about (I'd say about 10-12 individuals) and i began my search on the 14th floor.  2 Russians were having a chitchat and smoking outside their room, and there was one very good looking, blonde, slim Russian in one of the rooms, and another Russian with black hair somewhat opposite the blonde's.  The slim one had small titties and since the Russians were having a chat I decided not to engage them in case I get shit service if they want to get back to chitchatting.  The blonde can be found once you exit the lift, turn left, head to the door at the end of the corridor and instantly turn right).  There was another blonde Russian at the very end of that hallway, on the right hand side.

Went down to the lower floors but most were still closed....I guess the WGs begin work at 2pm?  Decided to head down to 10th floor and in Room A7 there's a tall blonde Russian wearing a red bra and panty but I decided to skip her for now to see who else was available.  Unfortunately I got to the 7th floor and there weren't any more Russians so I decided to just go with the one in room A7, 10th floor.  Oh yeah, there's also another blonde Russian in Room A5 on the 10th floor but she was getting her makeup ready and had Starbucks on her bed so I didn't bother with her since she's probably gonna spend most of the time tidying the bed.

As soon as I entered she told me her name and that she's from Russia.  I don't remember what her name was.  Anyway, she's got VERY limited English and I tried my best to communicate with her.  I showered alone (the water can get real hot despite the shower pressure....so bros don't end up cooking your sausage) and once I showered she was standing in the room naked, handed me a towel and asked for money upfront ($600).  I had some sudden regrets since being asked to pay upfront is pretty much a guaranteed bad punt, but since I was in the room, what else can I do?  Handed her the money and we got down to business.

So, she is tall and she's got a nice ass an big titties, and she did the standard routine of licking and sucking on the nips before going down for the CBJ.  Her BJ's not that great to be honest but I got her to do 69 and I DATY till she moaned with my lil bro in her mouth.  After a while, I got her to mish and she seemed to enjoy me as she wrapped her hands around my head as I was giving her all I got.  I liked doing the WGs in doggy however, so after a while on mish I flipped her over for doggy, and she exclaimed that I must like her ass (and I did).  Few minutes of doggy and I  and that was the end of that.

Overall, I'd say she's quite nice despite my earlier misgivings but her CBJ wasn't good and it's more of a quick pump and dump for me.  She's tall, blonde, nice ass and titties and she's not a bad looker either...also her pussy and legs were properly shaved IIRC (so you don't get the prickling sensation with the leg hair after it grows back a bit) so if these features run right up your alley I'd say go for her if you have $600 to spare.

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CaliBoi   16-3-2018 08:43  Acceptance  +1   
flkey   16-3-2018 06:45  Acceptance  +1   In KH, most of Russian WGs are paid before service.
batman108   14-3-2018 11:42  Karma  +2   Awesome and thanks
johntang   14-3-2018 07:17  Karma  +2   
JJJ37   14-3-2018 01:08  Karma  +4   woof woof
UncleDad   13-3-2018 23:30  Karma  +4   Nice.
Kirin1   13-3-2018 21:50  Acceptance  +1   Is KH similar to Fuji in that you go from door to door or is it just on a single floor? Looking to expand from Fuji
porkchops   13-3-2018 21:15  Karma  +5   Thanks! I believe the money upfront is common among the KH Russian WGs, isn't it?
joey88   13-3-2018 20:56  Karma  +5   Thanks
Freelancer   13-3-2018 18:54  Karma  +4   Yep the girls start work between 2pm - 5pm
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You know from her name that she's Russian? Are you saying typically Russian? Or its a rare name so she has to be Russian....? Cos uhm... Since when do WGs use real names? Lol


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JJJ37   14-3-2018 01:08  Karma  +4   Never

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