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Subject: Girl told me she has an STD
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Post at 26-2-2018 22:34  Profile P.M. 
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Girl told me she has an STD

OK so here's what's happening. A girl I met off a dating app has very honestly told me she is both HPV positive and carries the herpes virus. She is giving me a heads up before I sleep with her.

Would you guys go ahead with it? This is knowing that even with a condom on, both of these viruses can still be transmitted.

I'm weighing everything up in my head. I have slept with countless women, both WGs and civvies. Any one of them could be carrying those viruses and have already passed this on to me without me knowing. The only difference in this situation is that I've been told beforehand by the lady herself.

Would you guys chance it?

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Pinkpuffy69   14-3-2018 21:50  Acceptance  +2   Nope
jeffzeke   27-2-2018 10:24  Acceptance  +10   No, and it doesn't matter what she looked like.
batman108   27-2-2018 01:59  Acceptance  +2   you should get tested and no. it is not worth it.
cookiemonsta   26-2-2018 23:12  Acceptance  +5   nope!
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Post at 26-2-2018 23:15  Profile P.M. 
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Reply #1 HKguy2014's post

why would you want to risk it?
like you said, you've had plenty of pussy,
let this one go...

my 2c
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Post at 27-2-2018 00:41  Profile P.M. 
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Bro... do yourself a massive favor and get yourself tested and don’t sleep with this girl right now.

Herpes is for life if you catch it, and although it occurs in varying degrees it will impact you and any future relationships you have.

Don’t take the risk, IMO.
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Post at 27-2-2018 03:16  Profile P.M. 
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Reply #1 HKguy2014's post

Honestly, all of us have done women with the exact same status, this one just happened to be up front and honest about it.

If you’ve been with 100 women, the chances of at least one having each of these is well above 90%.

All that is happening here is pre-punt awareness. Now you know, is there an added risk? Not really, it is the same risk unless you are with a girl that has been tested and is monogamous and you can control her external interactions, you can’t.

If you are safe, the only difference here is that you know going in you have a partner that is a carrier and the reality of infection is there.

If you are an active punter, this is not a risk you don’t take every time you participate in a punt, it is only the actual awareness you have as you go into it, so to speak.


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Lumbergh   26-4-2018 11:14  Acceptance  +1   Give it up straight
Explorer1   14-3-2018 06:18  Acceptance  +3   
blast77   27-2-2018 11:14  Acceptance  +6   Agree
hkpunter999   27-2-2018 05:34  Acceptance  +6   Yep.

“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.”
― Steve Martin
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Post at 14-3-2018 00:47  Profile P.M. 
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Some statistics say that 70% of the adult population have or have had hpv. Herpes HSV1 at least 50%, HSV2 25%. It means you must have contacted them if you had countless women.
I like the girl's honesty! I wonder how common this attitude is!
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Post at 14-3-2018 22:45  Profile Blog P.M. 
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I'm with szabob.
A few things.... Y'all met on a dating app. How likely is this girl going to be a long term partner? If you're just looking for pu$$y, there's no need to risk it. If you're looking to settle down with someone and this girl is your missing puzzle piece, HSV wouldn't be a  deal breaker for me.

1. A LOT of people have it and don't know it. At least she knows it.
2. HSV is more of a nuisance than a big medical scare. Your friend for life, but it won't likely kill you.
3. During a flare up, it is highly contagious. But when the flare up is gone, chanCes are slim.
4. Some people have one flare up and never again. Some people get flare ups more frequently. Maybe see which category she falls under.

Again, if she could be a potential life partner for you, I wouldn't let this be a deal breaker.
Bonne chance.


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