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Subject: Disappointment at Serenity Spa - Ada
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Disappointment at Serenity Spa - Ada

Date & Time of Session:  10 Feb 2018
Location:  Serenity Spa
Name:  Ada
Nationality & Language: Mainland, Mandarin only
Age: Late 20s
Face:  3/5
Body:  4/5
Skill: 1/5
Service: 1/5
GFE: 0/5
PSE: 0/5
Price & Session Length: $900, 90 mins (only not really, see below)
Repeat: Not if she paid me

I booked ahead at Serenity, asking via WhatsApp for a 90 minute body-to-body, as is my usual practice. This normally works perfectly: they're quite efficient. Not this time, which should have set off the alarm bells. Whoever does the quality assurance at Serenity was off-duty the day I visited. When I arrived Ada grabbed me (although there were several other girls, I was not offered a choice), and then we had to go through the whole process again of discussing what duration and style of service was required, complicated by a language barrier. Very unusual.

Ada has the perfect face for a domme, with a disdainful and direct gaze. She's not unattractive at all, but she certainly didn't make any effort to seem pleased that I was there. She had a very acceptable body though, large natural breasts, good curves, nothing sagging or stretched.

We got under way. SOP at Serenity is a towel massage (of varying length), an oil massage (ditto), and then the good stuff. I normally quite like the massage, but apparently Ada doesn't do that. She did a towel massage that lasted literally less than two minutes. Then she slapped on some oil and did a perfunctory oil massage (no, it wasn't a massage; she just randomly rubbed bits of me with oil) for about ten minutes. It was a joke. Then she went straight to the next part, teasing LB and doing the body slide. She was, basically, rushing like mad to get this done.

Service was similarly cold; after I rolled over she started with the HJ but stood way down by my legs to make sure I couldn't reach her, while maintaining her bored and contemptuous stare. She had a moderately good arm technique which did, in the end, do the trick. Then she pulled me into the shower, and instead of using the rest of the time to do a massage, she started getting dressed. At this point we were 55 minutes into the 90 minute session. I thought, okay, I'll cut my losses, and offered her $600, but she insisted (on her phone calculator) that we'd agreed $900 and she wanted $900 dammit. I don't like arguments in these circumstances so I paid up and left.

Most unusual lapse for Serenity, who are normally reliable.

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idd007   21-2-2018 07:03  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for the info
UncleDad   15-2-2018 00:01  Karma  +4   Thanks for TOFTT
batman108   14-2-2018 12:15  Karma  +2   Awesome and thanks
blast77   14-2-2018 12:03  Karma  +5   Sorry for the bad service
Mister   13-2-2018 21:11  Karma  +3   Tsk, tsk. No way to treat a customer, especially a repeat one. Not good for business. Let the boss know.
mchk   13-2-2018 18:42  Karma  +3   Thx for the info.

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