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Subject: [Shenzhen] Siam
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Post at 12-2-2018 16:26  Profile P.M. 
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[Shenzhen] Siam

Establishment: Siam @ Shenzhen  
Date: 8 Feb
Nationality & Language: China, Mandarin
Age: Mid 20's
Face:  3/5
Body:  4/5
Massage: 4/5  
Service: 5/5
Price:  320 RMB
Repeat: Definitely.

Work took me to Shenzhen for the day, and with some meetings finishing early, I decided to spend a bit of time getting to know the area a bit better. I used to visit YK at Luo Hu quite a lot, but a combination of not being able to find their wechat anymore and reading some stellar reports, decided to check out Siam.

Took me a little while to find; luckily I recognised the Vienna hotel landmark and explored from there. Some nice market stalls for food which I thought id try after the massage.

Found my way up the lift to Siam. The place has pretty nice décor. Got led into the locker and shower areas, no issues. Found my way to the lounge which has some nice sofas along with TV’s and whatnot. Seeing several women sitting on the couches made me thought I had the wrong place. I havent been able to add the wechat for this place for some reason so I asked the waiter to recommend a more petite girl for me. #89 if I remember correctly?

Into the room, nice place. The girl came shortly after, and the lights were dim enough that I couldn’t really see her. The first part was a massage. Strong, diligent, but really only focues on the areas I wanted her to focus on, so not really a full body massage, so to speak.

She left the room to get a few things; including a few cups of warm water. She took off her top (still wearing pants, and starting working on my back. a nice combination of wet cat bath,  titty rubbings, a lot of hand stroking. She got me on all 4’s and started using some sort of lubricated warm, hard, stick?, teasing me all over my back before teasing my ass; as if to stimulate her tongue. Getting me nice and hard, she climbed under me (im still on all fours), and started sucking my balls, licking my thighs and then gobbling up my cock as if it was her dinner.

She finally got me to flip over and repeated the same sequence of cat bath, titty rubbing before focusing all her atttention on my cock. I started rubbing on her pants so she took my hand and stuck it down the front of her pants… seemingly not wanting to take it off, I still had full access to her soon wet pussy. A lot of fingering and rubbing later, she’s getting horny and furiously working on my cock faster and faster before I release a torrent of semen into her mouth. She takes every last drop, spits it out (gracefully, lol), before cleaning up my cock with 2 mouthfuls of warm water.

Such great service! She finishes with a light back and neck massage. Left the room and noticed more people waiting in the lounge area…

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abergi66   3-3-2018 07:19  Acceptance  +1   good report
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Petay_1283   27-2-2018 15:12  Karma  +6   Excellent
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aurufc   22-2-2018 13:07  Karma  +6   Good report thx
victorQ   19-2-2018 13:57  Acceptance  +1   Original , i would like to visit this place, can any one share me agent wechat QR or ID
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batman108   13-2-2018 00:21  Karma  +2   awesome and thanks
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Thanks for the report.

I am very long inactive in this forum. Planning to take a vacation in HK/Macau/Shenzhem in April. So a lot of reading in this forum lately.

There seems more reports from Siam lately. When i am in Shenzhen definitely will try it out.
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Reply #1 stranger_au's post

Into the room, nice place. The girl came shortly after, and the lights were dim enough that I couldn’t really see her.

Was it that dark that you could not see her face so that you might reject her ?

I have been to a place where it was so dark,  you can't see their faces at all.

I had to use my phone and they didn't what to turn on the lights to the room.

What their wechat ID for Siam. I will try to add them maybe I have better luck

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Reply #3 Weelock's post

Unfortunately Siam stopped posting their girls photos since the holidays started. You can get their contact info here:  http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/v ... &extra=page%3D3

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Lumbergh   27-4-2018 13:32  Acceptance  +1   Excellent
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