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Subject: M Ruby
Erotic Emperor
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M Ruby

Thread Subject: M Ruby
Date & Time of Session: 10 Feb afternoon
Location:  YMT
Name:  Ruby or Sky
Link: http://go141.com/en/A68212-TST-HoneyGirls-MRuby.html
Agent: R / M
Nationality & Language: Chinese , good English
Age: 22
Face: 3/5
Body:  3/5
Skill: 4/5
Service: 3/5
GFE: 1/5
PSE: 1/5
Price & Session Length: 1000 30 min
Repeat: Yes

Was trying to see SaSa but ended up in Ruby's room instead. B&S or mistake I would think the second as I have only good experience with this agent.
He always say if a girl is not available or already left so I would not jump on the gun right away. Was in a rush so did not chase it up either and Ruby looked inviting.

Quick strip and of to the shower with Ruby as a helping hand. Body scrub and LB clean and shining we went to the bed. Started kissing her tiny nipples and she started a
very, very, good BBBJ. No teeth, DT and consistent good suction. No DFK allowed but probably 69. She was so pretty when BJ so I left the 69 for another time.
Dom came on and she started ACG, Small girl so made a lot of smacking sound that must have been heard all over the 1xth floor.
Switched to mish and then doggy and eventually   when I worked her down flat on the bed.
Back into the shower for another assisted cleaning and the pay, get dressed and bolt.
No Kissing allowed so that bring down the score but otherwise a good quick, no bullshit option.

She apparently go under 2 names Ruby and Sky. Pics accurate. I'd be happy to see her again.

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Recent Ratings
abergi66   3-3-2018 07:00  Acceptance  +1   great girl
conmebol   24-2-2018 07:16  Acceptance  +1   Cute girl
hotjac   21-2-2018 20:55  Karma  +5   nice report ... she looks might fine!
jimyum   17-2-2018 13:51  Karma  +5   
blast77   14-2-2018 22:50  Karma  +6   Excellent
mchk   14-2-2018 18:44  Karma  +1   
ergodyne85   13-2-2018 15:26  Karma  +3   
lucadavuth   13-2-2018 10:58  Acceptance  +1   Excellent! she look hot
pecanada   13-2-2018 05:42  Karma  +2   Nice Punt ! which agent ?
Skepti10   13-2-2018 01:21  Karma  +5   what's agent's wechat?
batman108   13-2-2018 00:23  Karma  +3   awesome and thanks
porkchops   12-2-2018 18:39  Karma  +4   Thanks!
flkey   12-2-2018 17:25  Acceptance  +1   Face, body, service are 3/5 only. GFF, PSE are 1/5. $1000/30 min. How come to repeat???
hlau   12-2-2018 16:43  Karma  +6   Excellent
quartz13579   12-2-2018 14:32  Karma  +4   

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