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Subject: Coronet Court - Leaving Tomorrow
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Post at 13-9-2017 07:45  Profile P.M. 
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Coronet Court - Leaving Tomorrow

Date & Time of Session: 12 Sept 2017, 10PM
Location:  Coronet Court, North Point, Room 11A
Name:  Didn't ask
Link: Not on DB
Agent: N/A
Nationality & Language: Mainland China, Mandarin
Age: mid to late 20s
Face:  4.0/5 (plus points for her nice smile)
Body:  4.0/5 (nicely proportional, there's a tattoo covering c-section scar, no sag anywhere)
Skill: 4.0/5 (One of the best CBJs i've had in a while)
Service: 3.5/5 (Friendly attitude, willing to please, minus points for no Kiss)
GFE: 2.0/5 (professional)
PSE: 3.5/5 (willing to please)
Price & Session Length:  $400
Repeat: Can't, she's leaving tomorrow

This is my first punt in Coronet Court as I was in the area and wasn't feeling like getting a MILF for a punt tonight, needed something younger . I finally saw the famous fish tank that every one here was talking about, lol.

I'll make this report concise:
1. Her catbath was one of the nicest, she went through a nice ball licking session before proceeding to giving one of the best CBJs i've had (totally regretted not asking her for BBBJ, but I would've blown so much quicker otherwise)
2. FS was alright, she tried to do the nipple licking during CG which surprisingly did the job. Was totally willing to please, at one point she said it was hurting a little but she took it like a trooper till I finished.

She's leaving HK on Thursday, I would've repeated if she's here longer but alas work says otherwise.

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tito007   15-9-2017 09:56  Karma  +2   
blast77   14-9-2017 12:55  Karma  +5   Excellent
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Post at 13-9-2017 09:24  Profile P.M. 
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she likes Hong Kong and comes here every few months.

you can request uncapped blow job and as a whole

she delivers value for money service

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lively192   13-9-2017 11:27  Karma  +2   Damn bro, now I'm tempted to go there again tonight

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