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Subject: [BACKPAGE] Russian insider + Backpage tips
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[BACKPAGE] Russian insider + Backpage tips

Date & Time of Session: 1h on July 11th 2017
Location: Hotel CWB
Name: Malena  
Link: http://hongkong.backpage.com/Fem ... rst-time-hk/7196848
Agent: YES, which kind of over sell the product so for direct info go for the link above its her direct number
Nationality & Language: Russian from Moscow, but speak a very good english
Age: 21, student
Face: pretty face, with beautiful inviting blue eyes 4/5
Body: nice body in really good shape with abs, nice natural B cup boobs 4/5
Skill: CBJ, DATY 4/5
Service: very friendly girl, 4/5
GFE: 3/5
PSE: 0/5
Price & Session Length: 2000 for 1 hour, 2 shots + 1000$ for BBBJ
Repeat: Yes

So I was on the hunt again and craving for my usual russian candy. So I decided to explore Backpage this time, assuming the quality of the service would be better as the price is higher.

So after a few days of research; I say few days cause I was not sure all those girls were real TBH; I finally contact a girl.
I thought at first it was her answering directly but in fact I found out it was an agent. Anyway the agent sent to me a few pictures of her including one with a hotel paper and the date of the day, so I thought it was definitely a real girl. I was promise GFE, FK
and BBBJ so I decided to book a session.

When I arrived to the hotel, pleasant surprise it was the exact same girl as the pictures, tall girl, russian matryoshka we all like to fuck. She was with a sexy friend; available as well ; finishing to unpack a few stuff.

I dropped the money quickly, undressed and went straight for the shower where she followed me and help me to clean myself while playing with my dragon. We then dried up and went to bed.
She start kissing me my body around, playing with me and then I ask her to BBBJ as promised, but disappointingly she told me it was an extra 1000$. It was quite a surprise as I thought it was included, that's how i figured I was talking to an agent earlier.
No FK as well

Anyway, moving on she start gave me a CBJ which was great, very details oriented, good suction, very inclined to please giving a real long BJ. As i was getting more excited, I grabbed her and we start 69ing for a while. She smells so good, sweaty, so I could
not resist and I started to eat the shit out of her with some finger while she was giving me a real good DP with some good ball licking at the same time. As I was feeling like to I laid her down and started to DATY so i could not resist anymore I had to feed my crave to eat her nice pussy. I could tell she liked it as she was moaning discretely while i was eating her pussy and nice tits.

I then jump over for more action and we start to mish as she told she liked that position more, I went slow but not too deep as I could tell I would hurt her otherwise; I am above average. So i went back and forth for about 10 minutes, enjoying her nice boobies in my mouth while trying to make her cum. After 10 minutes I decided to accelerate and bingo, she started to shake and i
SO SEXY I could feel her body shaking as she was cumming...

I went to rinse myself in the shower as we were having a little break inbetween the two session. We discussed about her life in russia, how i found her, what she was doing, it was nice to have those small talks while being naked and touching each other.
As time was passing by, I grabbed her again and she gave me again a nice CBJ...as I was ready for a good fuck, I flip her over and start to fuck the shit out of her; there was only 10 minutes left; even more intense than the first session.
As I was running late, I ask her if she wanted to finish; she answered yes; so I gave all I had and she came a second, holding me tight all shaky, FUCKING SEXYYY.

I then rush to the shower, dress up and left as she was goodbye

Overall, I must say that it definitely worth to go for higher quality rather than quantity. Of course it hurts to pay that much but it is never a disappointment.
Girl are hotter, service better and even the location is better.

So for the brother out there, if you want to go for BP and still hesitating, because you are scared it will be a fake girl, I have a few tips for you to make sure you'll get what is advertised:
- Go for number starting by +7; it is the russian country code; or any foreign country code.
- Ask for picture in HK with date.
- If you have doubts about the veracity of the pics use google image to see if they are findable or not.
- CALL, if the girl is real you will recognize her accent over the phone

Let me know if my tips worked for you, I sincerely hope it will

*** Edit Hotel Removed

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lawacu   28-6-2018 15:17  Acceptance  +1   Thank you for those hints
Sherno   5-5-2018 09:30  Acceptance  +3   Awesome
aurufc   16-3-2018 09:56  Karma  +4   Great report - we leave out the hotel so LE don't go sniffing :-)
ohmicmic   12-3-2018 14:09  Acceptance  +1   great px 2000 2 shots. Cool
chhsasa   12-3-2018 01:49  Karma  +4   
Navi12   6-1-2018 11:27  Acceptance  +1   Original
TwistedMirror   26-12-2017 10:58  Karma  +4   
David.youngson   13-12-2017 17:46  Karma  +2   Nice but her wechat id does not exist, so assumed it’s a fake
Jake   2-12-2017 19:19  Karma  +10   Interesting.
daytripper   1-12-2017 13:48  Karma  +3   Good one!
ramse3   3-8-2017 22:23  Acceptance  +1   Excellent
flappo84   27-7-2017 09:16  Karma  +3   Favorable
matado   24-7-2017 22:50  Karma  +3   nice find
Tarasse   22-7-2017 20:05  Karma  +3   Great story but remove the hotel name.
donkeykongjr   22-7-2017 13:06  Karma  +3   
mchk   21-7-2017 14:12  Karma  +5   Excellent Advice on making sure you get the Picture with the date on it.
Achern   21-7-2017 12:11  Acceptance  +1   
Thai-delight   20-7-2017 22:29  Karma  +4   thx
UncleDad   16-7-2017 01:38  Karma  +4   Great intel!
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batman108   12-7-2017 23:58  Karma  +4   awesome and thanks
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cass   12-7-2017 08:17  Karma  +6   
0916jamesb   12-7-2017 07:59  Acceptance  +1   Nice find. Thanks for the tips.
ramont   12-7-2017 07:51  Karma  +6   thanks
Explorer1   12-7-2017 06:43  Karma  +3   Nice Boobs!
JackTheBat   12-7-2017 06:43  Karma  +10   Great intel.
LeoCan   12-7-2017 02:45  Karma  +5   
p0ison   12-7-2017 01:08  Karma  +3   Thanks for the tips!
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Hi, thanks for your contribution, but first of all please hide the hotel name, secondly, I would also supplement my experiences to your tips about bp booking:
1. it is not always true that picking up +7 number is the best bet, I know some russian agencies sending real girl's pictures and also agencies using fake pictures. Inversely, I met also russian girls using local number.
2. Most agencies are women, so voice call usually do not help.
3. Google image search is a real good help, but once again, if it returns nothing do not mean the picture is real. Inversely, I encountered situations that the picture is real and the girl is a real published model.
4. I concur that the best prove is a picture with a date.

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Petay_1283   13-3-2018 11:11  Karma  +4   good info.
Navi12   6-1-2018 11:28  Acceptance  +1   Good points
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Reply #2 mature1145's post

Yes I agree with you, it is not an exact science of course..
But if your call a Russian and she has a chinese accent of course it would help.
Same for the Google image, finding images of girl will definitely help to validate or not a girl.

My combination of tips here will definitely help to narrow down your researches.
For the hotel, it is just where she was staying...she is not a honey girl, so your comment is not relevant, read the guideline Mr Know-it-all

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Petay_1283   13-7-2017 11:57  Karma  +2   please remove link to website, thanks.
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Reply #3 draggon38's post

Reply in a polite manner even if you disagree with what he is saying. Being aggressive to other members is bad etiquette. About the hotel name, yeah, don't include it if she hasn't done it herself. She probably doesn't want people (other than the clients she screened) know where she is staying. If you find other reports with hotel names included, let us know and we will amend them.

Let's encourage conversation and engagement, and let's remember we were all New once.
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i saw her too for outcall. she was very nice, friendly, loved the music i played (triphop) or anyways said it as excuse to do a strip tease. got down on her knees and bbbj/CIM. wow i was in bliss. took a break, chatted over wine, told me her story, why she's working, what problems she had, then over to round too where we did doggie on my sofa. all in all, a nice fun meeting. hope to see her again if she comes by (obviously with better luck on her side). english was decent, no trouble communicating anyways.

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David.youngson   13-12-2017 17:53  Karma  +2   Damage? How long is she staying? Thanks!
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this thread should not be in this section ... should be in freelancers section
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Thanks for the report bro!

Just a quick question - does one hour imply you get  two pops? Or was this agreed to beforehand?

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Petay_1283   13-3-2018 11:14  Acceptance  +2   you brought up a very old thread for this man.

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