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Subject: How easy is it to find good looking walk ups?
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Reply #17 batman108's post

In my mind the word Oriental means from the East.  Just as saying Western girl.
of, from, or characteristic of East Asia.
"oriental rugs"
synonyms:        eastern, Far Eastern, Asian, Asiatic; literaryorient
"oriental cooking"
(of a pearl or other jewel) orient.

No offense intended.
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yeah the other bros are right... it actually depends on each person's tastes/preferences...

based on appearance alone, if i will be asked, its a very small ratio... i usually find 1 above average or a real stunner out of 15 doors or so...

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daytripper   19-6-2017 21:40  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for your feedback.
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@mothtoaflame .... I don't dispute the etymology of the term. But language evolves, and as batman108 very eloquently stated, it has unfortunate connotations of yesteryear. Appropriate usage of the term is now relegated to rugs and not people.

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In 4 days you should squeeze a trip to Macau as well, just the experience the saunas there.

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daytripper   20-6-2017 11:11  Acceptance  +1   Thanks for the suggestion.

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