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20-2-2008 16:43 girls_hunter
Shenzhen sauna spa and sex area?

can any brother help me give address of where i can go and enjoy some massage and sex in Shenzhen. like KTV, previously i have been to a CLUB called Queens Road Club and they had disco but didn't know that they had sauna or spa and sex...

Hellp wil really be appericated.


20-2-2008 17:37 Piers
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Not hard to find.  Start at most of the main hotels,  there are clubs usually right next door, and saunas either next door or in the basement.  All have everything.  Read some threads here about specific reccomendations

25-2-2008 12:50 girls_hunter
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thx piers for the help

12-2-2009 22:49 zulu
I would be also delighted for some SZ recommendation for saunas. It's so difficult to use the search function since it only search the title of a thread.

26-3-2010 12:25 agamemnon33
Here are a couple I find really useful:

Chuk Yuen Galaxy

Sources Leisure Club

Friendship Sauna

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