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31-7-2007 08:00 alltheway07
3-somes & sex161

Guys, was wondering if any of you have tried 3-some with any of the girls in 141 and if you have, can you share who are they?  Maybe there should be a page in 141 dedicated to these girls....I'm gonna be in HK and was wondering to have my ultimate dream of a 3-some....

By the way, I stumbled upon the page called and was wondering why are all the girls there almost half the price of those advertised here.  And it appears that their photos are tilted towards reality without much of a photoshop job, it's almost like WYSIWYG.  Anyone tried that website before?

31-7-2007 08:22 beta
Just be aware that 3-some with a couple of 141 girls is illegal in HK, strictly speaking. Do a search here in the forum and you'd find a number of girls who will do it nonetheless.

sex161 has less number of girls in their database than sex141, and you'd sometimes find girls who post their ads on both sites.

31-7-2007 09:31 sulasno
Reply #1 alltheway07's post

frankly the price is related to the quality;

personally I am trying to determine what is a fair price to pay for services provided;

HK$1000 is what I would pay for an overnighter; I hate short times;

1-8-2007 23:55 bsun
As beta stated, threesomes are illegal...that said, I've had luck a few times when I  knocked and there were two girls inside having lunch.  I'd joke about a threesome and about 1/2 the time they say yes.  The only problem is that one of the girls will want to leave asap once she's done in case the police happen to come around.  I've usually just paid 2x the price, but make it clear that 2x price = 2x shots :thumb:

2-8-2007 00:06 nikkeimaster
Reply #4 bsun's post

I am sure double fly can be fun, but probably not worth the illegal nature. You don't want to be just unlucky to be picked up by police.

2-8-2007 11:17 sulasno
I guess it is safer to do 3-somes in my hotel room :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

2-8-2007 12:15 richcando
I am interested in getting a girl on this trip to Hong Kong but have no idea on how to proceed.

Do I just call the number by the name when I arrive? Any email contact?

Is this direct contact with the girl or an agency?

Does the price posted include FS or is that negotiated?


2-8-2007 15:42 sulasno
no email contact

depending on whether you are visiting the girls at their premises or not

for hotel reservations, the papamamasan is the contact

does Rich needs a discount? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

3-8-2007 07:01 richcando
Discount?  Heavens no, I think the prices are great for FS compared to the USA.

When they say overnight is possible I was just wondering what extra might be the going rate?


3-8-2007 07:05 richcando
ALSO, I had seen one girl I thought was special named Shabin (Japanese) and when I went back to find her today she is gone. Do the girls remove their listings and repost on a regular basis?

3-8-2007 07:47 sulasno
Reply #9 richcando's post

depending on the time you want the overnight; cheaper if you booked around midnight; expect the rate to be 2x or 3x the asking price

I think the Japs can stay a max of 90 days

the imports come and go ..........................

4-8-2007 00:25 ChickenChoppa
If you want 3-some or more-some, have you considered a mainland adventure?
Do yourself a favor, book a 5-star hotel in Zhu Hai for a few nights and take along your favorite enhancer, whether it be vitamin-V or vitamin-C. Because you'll need it. Stunning A-graders can be had for 600RMB per night (or less), and many of them hunt in pairs. They are easy to identify as they prowl for punters together whilst holding hands.
Without too much difficulty you can find 2 pairs that will be more than happy to play together, so for about $3000 HKD you can have a V-assisted gang bang with 4 hot chicks in a 5-star hotel all night long.
In Hong Kong, it will cost you at least that much to do one girl for the night in a 5-star hotel. I know which I prefer!
Just do it, but bring along your shaving gear if you don't like the hairy beaver!

16-8-2007 01:26 oppa_hk
What is hell is that? prostitution is legal but 3-some is not? how come?
this is so hypocrite !!!

16-8-2007 02:19 Jake
Reply #13 oppa_hk's post

ALL the laws about prostitution are bullshit hypocrisy. :fire:  :fire:  :fire:  :fire:  :fire:  :fire:

16-8-2007 17:56 TrickyD7
Reply #12 ChickenChoppa's post

Agree with you ChickenChoppa the mainland is for the 2 and 4 girls allnighters.  I had 2 once and it was terrific but the second time the second girl was a real dead fish so I packed her off with a tip but the other one was a howler!!! Kinda had to put my hand on her mouth from making too much noise!!!  But the mainland girls are really nice and gentle always enjoy what they do!!! Cheers :beer:

4-10-2007 22:50 onedeejay
so i how do you ask for a duo in your hotel room?
where to look?

6-10-2007 13:59 twfun
Prostitution in Taiwan is completely illegal, but brothels can be seen everywhere even on main streets.  But most of them house women in their 40's and 50's.  

a 3P would be great, but would only do it in my hotel room where I could lock up everywhere, if one girls gets up to go to the bathroom, while you are having sex with the other, you may not be aware what the other one is doing. Scarey thought...  haha

6-10-2007 14:18 sulasno
Reply #17 twfun's post



ok, let's go to the barber shops then :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

6-10-2007 14:25 twfun
Barbarshops are everywhere also, though I have never ventured into them, someday I will...  ha ha ha.

10-10-2007 14:57 ksjun412
In Korea, It's also illegal.
But, Some smart guys're enjoying it for the real 3some~4some.

In a Hotel? Why not?
In a Home? Why not?

If he can pay HKD $ 1300 per a gal and have nice manners, nice dick~!!!:jumpingeyes:
It's available to him!!!! for the real!!!!!!!!!
Just one weakness point, Gals to allow 3~4some usually have littel low qualities..

Frankly...I got it a few times before.....surely in Korea. :ell:

10-10-2007 15:17 sulasno
Reply #19 twfun's post

you should ............................

they offer special services ..........................

21-10-2007 13:11 twfun
Some of them do yes, some of them do not, though they look like they do, it's kind of strange... Some of them even allow women inside and the girls dress really scantedly, but there is no extras...  It's funny.

21-10-2007 14:18 james.shong

So what is the reason for illegality?

21-10-2007 18:39 twfun
Reply #23 james.shong's post

Who are you asking? And what specifically do you want to know?

22-10-2007 16:23 cherry_picker
I am gonna try this one day or another ... If I come back to my hotel with 2 girls, do I have to fear the reception guard/clerk will call the police ? And what about private apartments with guard at the building entrance ? I will not bring girls that look like prostitutes, but ... it will still look suspicious nonetheless.

22-10-2007 16:51 sulasno
Reply #25 cherry_picker's post

what you do in your private premises is none of anybody's business

why only 2 and not 3? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

22-10-2007 16:54 escritic
Reply #25 cherry_picker's post

This is easy to avoid. You don't have to "bring" 2 girls to your room at the same time. Just tell them to come to your room at certain time. I am sure they won't arrive together. Even so, how does the hotel staff know that they are going to the same room? As long as they act like they are the guests there. The staff should leave them alone.

22-10-2007 18:40 cherry_picker
@Sulasno: I kinda like FMF, still have to try 3+... If my wallet agrees, why not :)

@escritic: ya, many ways to make it less obvious. But there is still a (small) possibility that a guardian catch what is going on. But I am not worried, I always find my way :D

22-10-2007 20:21 escritic
Reply #28 cherry_picker's post

You shouldn't worry because you are the paying customer there after all. Also, why would the hotel want to make a scene like that? I am sure that they don't want to get publicity this way, especially the high end hotels.

22-10-2007 21:21 sulasno
Just a reminder:

In HK, it is not legal to engage a 3some activity at the premises of the 141 girls.

Although this thread is merely a discussion, it should be not constructed that it is legal to have 2 girls at any one time;  

However what you do in your home or hotel is none of anyone's business.  It's best to keep your activities private to avoid any misunderstanding.

23-10-2007 10:40 twfun
Reply #30 sulasno's post

Agree.  So what the law says is that a 3P with two prostitutes is illegal?  And having a 3P with two girlfriends is just fine.    :wacko: :huh:  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

24-10-2007 00:42 sulasno
how I wish we got a legal adviser among us;

as far as I am concerned; as long as there is no exchange of cash and all parties consent to mutual sex, IMO it's not illegal;


maybe the next time bring along a contract "Consent to sex without any consideration"

let's see whether this will be a litmus test

hmmm....... I forgot is it suppose to turn red to blue or the other way wrong

sh!t, I should have known that one day chemistry is going to influence my life :laugh:

:laugh: :laugh:

24-10-2007 00:43 sulasno
how I wish we got a legal adviser among us;

as far as I am concerned; as long as there is no exchange of cash and all parties consent to mutual sex, IMO it's not illegal;


maybe the next time bring along a contract "Consent to sex without any consideration"

let's see whether this will be a litmus test

hmmm....... I forgot is it suppose to turn red to blue or the other way wrong

sh!t, I should have known that one day chemistry is going to influence my life :laugh:

:laugh: :laugh:

24-10-2007 12:16 twfun
Reply #33 sulasno's post

A sex lawyer?!  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

I agree, no cash changing hands, then legal. What you do in the privacy of your own place is your decision. Maybe not in Singapore, but in most countries it's ok.  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

24-10-2007 12:37 sulasno
not a sex lawyer;

I want a sexy lawyer :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

24-10-2007 22:52 twfun
yeah but she might sue you for sexual harrassment!  :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

24-10-2007 23:16 sulasno
ooops and I have no money to pay her;

never mind I will pay her in kind :jumpingeyes: :jumpingeyes: :jumpingeyes:

24-10-2007 23:33 twfun
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Better to separate business from pleasure!  :jumpingeyes: :)

26-10-2007 23:13 Happppy
[quote]Originally posted by [i]sulasno[/i] at 24-10-2007 12:37
not a sex lawyer;

I want a sexy lawyer :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: [/quote]

Hey guys, just could not help to come into this lawyer no lawyer business here.

The law is about protection to women and the the reasonable peacefulness with the society.

The 141 concept is that as long as you and the girl has consent and between two adults, then the law should not interfere.

The question is the organization of such activities.  So the night club or the ma-lam (hourly hotels) got raided frequently to try to detour organized gangers in controlling the girls.

The 141 concept has to have some limit.  3P is by definition 14..2 so it is considered out of bounds.  Well does it really procecutable?  I doubt about it.  It is the same thing as in the situation with the raids to the ma-lam, karaok club, sauna that when they found you naked with the girl, they only procecute the girl if she is illegally working in Hongkong or if the girl is under age, then you can have a problem (very difficult to prove their identity and even their age).

The 3Ps thing is really between you and the girls.  The problem is the definition of 141.  Under the current common law, there are sufficient protection to the working girl as long as they are 141.

142... is not protected and is considered to some degree organized... but you have to really face the judge in court to really find the legal difference in which case a lawyer may be needed to call in to help.  Mostlly because of the legal mumbo jumbo... procedure and terminology etc.

You can do the research these day online to the law library (particularly in the US but I am not sure the law and the legal resource is that transparent in Hongkong or English).

In general in Hongkong a punter is not consider a bad person.  And a burden to the society, so as long as you follow the boundary and keep the out of bound stuff to your own privacy of home or hotel... you are fine.

So what am I saying?

There is alway a risk in this business.  Well, stay away from trouble by letting the girls find her partner.  I used to tell a story about visiting this 141 girls and ask her to bring her friend.  So she called her friend from downstair (obviously a less attractive older women but still fuckable, where she is in need of some business)  The two are good friends and so that is the beginning of the fun.  I do the movie director part and they do the acting... then I demand them to act like lesbian, and they began to really go into it.  I touched both of their pussy to find them both wet... and then both of them want my dick.... you can imagine the situation...

But if the cop would knock at the door at that time... I don't think it will ever happen.  The 141 is a residence and I don't think the cop would want to disturb the peacefulness of such situation... but there is still a risk...

26-10-2007 23:47 sulasno
there is something that I wanted to know;

based on the principle of 141, I would assume that it means 1 girl and 1 guy in a single room;

what if I have 5 bedrooms in an apartment and there are 5 girls with 1 guy?

IIRC there is no law regarding the minimum size of a room;

I have yet to see any documentary evidence of 2 girls being charged in court due to being caught in a room with 1 guy while conducting sexual activities.

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